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14 books perfect for Gemini readers

Mackenzie Cutruzzula  //  May 21, 2019

14 books perfect for Gemini readers

Have you been searching for your other half? Whether you're a Gemini or not, we think what you've been searching for is a book! Check out our book roundup for Twins' of all ages below to enjoy during Gemini Season (May 21 - June 20).

Gemini are known for being energetic and quick-witted, and can blend into any social situation with ease. Always the optimist, a Gemini is ready to move on to the next thing when a plan A doesn’t work out. Paired with optimism is a Gemini’s core value of love!

The Twins definitely get a bad reputation for being two-faced, but really they’re just trying to see all sides of a situation. They’re equipped with the utmost emotional intelligence, and really just want everyone to get along. Seeing as they are one of the most social and out-going signs, it's no surprise that Gemini are always making new friends.

Symbol: The Twins

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Mercury 

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Gemini as a protagonist: A Gemini's curious nature is often getting them into sticky situations. A story starring a Gemini is sure to be eventful with plenty of characters in the mix. Stories of Geminis will have important lessons of friendship and honesty.

How a Gemini saves the day: Just when it seems like there is no compromise to an argument amongst friends or way out of the corner a character has backed into — a quick-thinking Gemini is ready with a solution! Whether it's their ability to talk their way out of a situation or listen to hear what everyone has to say, a Gemini will find the answer to make everyone happy.

Sign of the Gemini's sidekick: Leo

Perfect reads for the Gemini in your life: We've rounded up the perfect books for Gemini in your life. Twins will love these out-going, honest characters!

Picture Books (4-7)

Young Readers (5-10)

Middle Grade (8-12)

Young Adult (12+)

If your young reader is picking up one of these books, make sure they're logging their reading minutes in the Scholastic Read-A-Palooza Summer Reading Challenge!