13 books to read for Cancer Season

Mackenzie Cutruzzula  //  Jun 21, 2019

13 books to read for Cancer Season

Cancer Season kicks off on the Summer Solstice this year! From June 21 - July 22, we celebrate those born under the cardinal water sign, Cancer!

Our Crab friends are sensitive souls, who revel in nostalgia and love. They LOVE to be cozy and comfortable, and tend to avoid change. Cancers are compassionate and helpful, and want to everyone around them to be happy. 

Like a physical crab they can have a metaphorical hard exterior, and a very soft inner core. Despite the tough shell, being a major softy on the inside can cause some minor issues for Crabs. They’re feelings may be easily hurt, and sometimes other signs might see them as moody or isolating.

Cancers are creative and crafty, and when they break out of their shell, their colorful personality shines!  

Symbol: The Crab

Ruling Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Sign of their sidekick: Capricorn

Cancer as a protagonist: Crabs can be reluctant to dive head first into an adventure, but they tend to find themselves in the middle of the quest anyway. Taking a Cancer out of their element will lead to an epic adventure.

How a Cancer saves the day: Always being willing to help can tug a Cancer out of their cozy home, and into the thick of a problem. But when faced with a tough task, a Crab doesn't back down. The adversity brings out their bravery, and their creativity will help them spark the perfect solution.

Perfect reads for the Cancer in your life: We rounded up a list of books filled with creative characters and epic adventures perfect for Crab-readers of all ages!

Picture Books (4-7):

Young Readers (5-10):

Middle Grade (8-12): 

Young Adult (12+):

If your young reader is picking up one of these books, make sure they're logging their reading minutes in the Scholastic Read-A-Palooza Summer Reading Challenge!