12 Hispanic & Latine Bookstores to Visit All Year Round

Zakiya Jamal  //  Sep 17, 2021

12 Hispanic & Latine Bookstores to Visit All Year Round

It's Hispanic & Latine Heritage Month! To celebrate, we're highlighting 12 Hispanic & Latine owned bookstores to check out this month and all year round.

Café Con Libros

Cafe con Libros (coffee with books) is an intersectional Feminist community bookstore and coffee shop.  Through their choice of books, programming, and great coffee, they endeavor to create a vibrant community space where everyone; specifically female-identified folx, feels centered, affirmed, and celebrated.  

Hipocampo Children's Books

Hipocampo Children's Books, LLC is an independent Woman/Latinx owned children's bookstore in Rochester, NY! Located in the South Wedge, close to downtown they have a varied collection of books that represent the rich cultures and languages of western NY as well as toys and children's apparel. 

Palabras Bookstore

Palabras is a local community and cultural hub with a specially curated diverse collection of books, an art gallery, a workshop & event space & small mutual aid garden.

Red Rice & Beans Bookstore

Red Rice & Beans Diaspora Bookstore is a virtual shop dedicated to curating the best texts and merchandise from the African Diaspora. We aim to showcase the power of people-centered literary and cultural production by promoting small Black businesses and publishing presses to our global community of readers. 

Mil Mundos

Mil Mundos Books’ primary mission is to remain dedicated to larger-scale anti-gentrification work in eastern Bushwick and beyond, and to maintain a curation and space that celebrates Black, Latinx and Indigenous heritage and supports the narratives of these cultures.

Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural

Tia Chucha's independent bookstore is a social venture which recognizes that books and knowledge must be accessible to communities that reflects their culture, histories, stories and values.  They specialize in providing great books on Xicanx and Latinx history and literature, indigenous knowledge, bilingual children’s books, contemporary and social commentary issues, as well as Spanish-language, queer/LGBTQIA, art, poetry, antiracism, social change, and much more!

Bluestockings Cooperative

Bluestockings Cooperative is a worker-owned community space and bookstore guided by the principles of abolition feminism, solidarity, and transformative justice practices. 

Cellar Door Bookstore

Cellar Door Bookstore is a gathering place where long-time book lovers or new readers can come together. 

Kew and Willow

A crowdfunded and women-owned bookstore in Queens, NY!

The Bronx is Reading

Following the success of The Bronx is Reading Book Festival, founder Saraciea Fennell extended her campaign to get the Bronx reading by opening an online bookshop for The Bronx is Reading.

Bronx Bound Books

Bronx Bound Books is a bookstore on wheels fueled by community for the community.

The Bookmark

The Bookmark is a bookstore in Puerto Rico that provides a wide selection of books and graphic novels in Spanish and English from a variety of genres in a nice and relaxed atmosphere with a café area that also serves light meals, pastries and local beers.