10 Ways Crafting Improves Mind & Brain Development

Guest Blogger  //  Mar 5, 2021

10 Ways Crafting Improves Mind & Brain Development

Arts and crafts activities are an exceptional tool for helping people learn new skills, explore different topics and a way to tinker and problem solve. There are many brands in the field of arts, crafts and activities, but no one does it better than Klutz. Why? Because of the specific benefits that have been embedded within every product we’ve produced for over 40 years! While our kits are instructing kids on how to MAKE something, our primary goal is to teach kids how to DO something. We prove to kids that they are capable of way more than what they think. 

While Klutz has the perfect mix of learning, creativity and fun, crafting overall is a great way to develop all kinds of skills, including mindfulness and meditation! Research shows that the reward for crafting goes beyond the creation. Different forms of crafting have all reported to have a positive impact on mental well being. According to a study published in 2013 by The British Journal of Occupational Therapy, out of 3,500 knitters, “81% of respondents with depression reported feeling happy after knitting. More than half reported feeling “very happy.” Crafting is a great way for kids and people of all ages to flex creative muscles essential for development and well-being. Neuroscientist Sarah McKay found that there are 10 ways that crafting can improve mind and brain development:

Klutz kits that support the 10 Benefits: 

  1. Active Creativity: Lego Make Your Own Movie (Ages 8+) 

  1. Focus & Attention: Glitter Party Nail Studio (Ages 10+) 

  1. Learning & Teaching: My First Rock & Gem Collection (Ages 4+)

  1. Hand-eye coordination, Spatial Awareness & Motor Dexterity: My Simple Sewing (Ages 4+)

  1. Positive Self Awareness: Best. Year. Ever! Planner & Gratitude Journal (Ages 8+) 

  1. Social Connection: Personalized Friendship Bracelets (Ages 10+) 

  1. Reasoning & Problem Solving: Lego Gear Bots (Ages 8+) 

  1. Memory Formation & Retrieval: Watercolor Crush (Ages 6+) 

  1. Patience & Perseverance: Sew Mini Gardens (Ages 10+) 

  1. Pride & Achievement: My Clay Critters (Ages 4+)