Take the Dragon Stone Quiz!

Zakiya Jamal  //  Oct 5, 2020

Take the Dragon Stone Quiz!

Are you a fan of the New York Times-bestselling Branches series Dragon Masters by Tracey West? Then you’ll love the below quiz!

The Dragon Stone has chosen you! What kind of dragon will you be paired with? Answer these ten questions to find out.

1. Choose your favorite weather:

a. not too hot, not too cold

b. breezy and sunny

c. hot and dry

d. cool and rainy

e. stormy

2. Choose an animal:

a. snake

b. eagle

c. lizard

d. goldfish

e. firefly

3. Choose a place in nature to visit:

a. a garden

b. a desert

c. a meadow

d. a lake

e. a mountain

4. Choose a snack:

a. an apple

b. a cookie

c. chips and spicy salsa

d. fish-shaped crackers

e. sour gummy candies

5. Choose an activity:

a. hanging with my family

b. hanging with my friends

c. playing a sport

d. swimming

e. walking my dog

6. Choose a school subject:

a. Science

b. Social Studies

c. Gym

d. Reading

e. Math

7. Choose a magical tool:

a. silver sword

b. magic mirror

c. key that opens any door

d. silver shield

e. feather of finding

8. Choose a word that describes a good Dragon Master:

a. Curious

b. Friendly

c. Brave

d. Calm

e. Patient

9. Choose a word to describe you:

a. Helpful

b. Happy

c. Confident

d. Kind

e. Clever

10. Choose a dragon power: 

a. teleportation

b. sunlight ribbons

c. fire blast

d. healing mist

e. move through solid objects

What type of dragon has the Dragon Stone chosen for you?

If your answers are mostly a’s, you will be paired with an EARTH DRAGON. You have a steady, curious nature that will help you connect with your Earth Dragon. And the two of you can snack on apples together!

If your answers are mostly b’s, you will be paired with a SUN DRAGON. You are a cheerful, positive person who will easily connect with the friendly personality of a Sun Dragon. It’s a good thing you like the hot weather, because Sun Dragons like things warm.

If your answers are mostly c’s, you will be paired with a FIRE DRAGON. You are bold and competitive, which means you will be able to keep up with your Fire Dragon. Just make sure you always have a bucket of water handy when you’re training!

If your answers are mostly d’s, you will be paired with a WATER DRAGON. Your calm nature will appeal to your peaceful Water Dragon. The two of you will enjoy swimming together, or just chilling and watching the fish float by.

If your answers are mostly e’s, you will be paired with a LIGHTNING DRAGON. A Lightning Dragon can be difficult to control, and needs a Dragon Master who can think quickly and is very responsible—like you!

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