"You can feel the confidence and energy:" A guest post from Scholastic CEO Dick Robinson

Guest Blogger  //  Sep 30, 2014

"You can feel the confidence and energy:" A guest post from Scholastic CEO Dick Robinson

Ever wonder what it’s like to work at Scholastic, and why employees here are so passionate? Here’s our CEO, Dick Robinson, clarifying it in a recent speech to shareholders:

I believe our company is successful because we work every day on our mission and are driven by our passion for what we do and by our constant push to improve our services through innovation, through leading the way.

Because we operate in a vast market of children and teachers and schools, innovation at Scholastic goes well beyond inventing a new consumer app or a new web platform. Our brand of innovation consists of finding new ways to help under-resourced teachers and schools successfully adopt technology and ideas that will help them improve their teaching and their students’ learning…You can feel the confidence and energy in our company and our teams as our children’s book publishing and distribution businesses drive toward a tremendous future in building new customers and providing great content to market through our clubs and fairs channels and through the trade. And 15 years after we launched our signature education technology program, READ 180, we have built our business to include a complete solutions approach—and entirely new form of educational publishing and service that sets Scholastic apart from our competitors and delivers real results for schools and kids.

… So passion and innovation together drive our company. That has been true for all our history, and continues to set Scholastic apart as the company that cares the most and works the hardest to bring new ideas to the schools in ways that teachers can use them easily and incorporate them into their work.