Writing The Future contest: winners announced!

Allyson Barkan  //  May 31, 2019

Writing The Future contest: winners announced!

How would your students solve a problem in their community?

This was the prompt for the Scholastic and BIC Writing the Future Contest. Open to students in grades K–6 nationwide, we received almost 14,000 drawing and essay entries from students telling us the problem they would most like to fix in their communities! Now that the contest is closed, we’ve selected four winners, one from each of the three grade ranges (K–1, 2–3, and 4–6) and one grand prize winner.

And so, without further ado, the winners are…  

Grand Prize Winner: Isabella C., a 4th grader from Florida, came up with an innovation to have WiFi in schools that only allows students to use educational apps on their phones and tablets. She believes that this will allow students to focus solely on education while at school.

Grades K–1 Winner: Jasmine J., a kindergartener from California, had the idea to invent a smart shade device so students can play on the playground even when it rains or when the sun makes the playground equipment too hot.

Grades 2–3 Winner: Advait B., a 3rd grader from Washington, came up with the innovation to place a food truck outside of grocery stores where shoppers can donate food to people in need. The truck will also have a list of donation suggestions to keep in mind while shopping.

Grades 4–6 Winner: Elise M., a 5th grader from Michigan, had the innovation to help protect dolphins from fishing nets by creating an underwater speaker that emits sounds of an orca—a predator of the dolphin— whenever a dolphin comes too close to the nets.

A big congrats to all the winners!