World Ranger Day: Protecting endangered pangolins

Brittany Sullivan  //  Jul 31, 2017

World Ranger Day: Protecting endangered pangolins

Have you ever heard of a pangolin?

These unique mammals—often called “scaly anteaters”—can be found near woodlands and savannas in Africa and Asia and are easily recognizable for their impressively scaly exterior and ability to completely roll into a ball for self-defense.

Sadly, the pangolin population is critically endangered. As the world’s most trafficked mammals, pangolins are often hunted for their meat and scales, which are considered a delicacy and used in some traditional medicines. As of 2016, all international trade of pangolins was banned, but illegal poachers are still at large.

In recognition of these endangered creatures, Scholastic News magazine teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for World Ranger Day to thank the dedicated wildlife rangers who work hard on a daily basis to protect pangolins. Hundreds of students from across the country drew pictures and wrote sincere letters to the WWF, letting these rangers know how much they appreciate them and their conservation efforts.

Check out some of the awesome drawings and letters that our readers mailed in, below, and don’t miss the full Scholastic News article “Pangolins in Danger!”


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