Who is your literary dream date?

Michael Barrett  //  Jan 29, 2014

Who is your literary dream date?

I know it’s some time until Valentine’s Day, but why not grab a book featuring your favorite dream date to prep for the day infamous for its red hearts, Cupid and secret admirers.


During one of our team meetings, I asked what I believe to be one of the toughest questions for book nerds everywhere: “which literary character would you want to date?” The results are very interesting. Looks like we all go for the "bookish" type (get it?).


Megan: “I'm going to think outside the ‘Mr.Darcy/Mr.Rochester box’ and go with the next obvious answer: Atticus Finch. What a man. My second choice: Sherlock Holmes.”


Nadia:  “Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, of course; however, since that’s such an obvious choice, I’ll go with Gansey from Maggie Steifvater’s series The Raven Boys. He’s determined, loyal and entertaining.”


Alex: “I’d love to date Tom Kelly from Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick.  What girl wouldn’t want to date the best clothing designer in the world?”


Lia: “The grown-up version of Logan Bruno from The Baby-Sitters Club. He’s smart, he’s sweet, and he’s good with kids.”


Brittany: “Sherlock Holmes. There would never be a dull moment, that’s for sure.”


Kristen: “Enki from The Summer Prince. He’s cute, a little mysterious and a good dancer, which I am not.”


Morgan: “I'd date one of the Weasley twins (from the Harry Potter series) and I'd make my twin sister date the other one just to scare people.”


For me, it would have to be Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby. He is a true gentleman and a romantic. Also, who doesn’t love a great party once in a while, right? I could get used to living in a mansion. I would happily tell him to move on from Daisy.



Be sure to share your favorite literary date in the comments below. Which hero/heroine (or even villain/villainess) would you ask to be your Valentine this year?