When Kwame Alexander takes over your Instagram account

In honor of National Poetry Month, the Scholastic Book Fairs team turned over the keys to their Instagram account to bestselling author Kwame Alexander! Be sure to follow the Book Fairs account here, but in case you missed all the activity yesterday, here are some of the highlights from Kwame's day in charge:

First, he shared the official music video for The Playbook:


Then, he showed us that boys DO read poetry... if it connects with them: 


We also got an introduction to his latest book, Animal Ark: 


We got a glimpse of what a school visit with Kwame might be like — complete with beatboxing: 


And we got a sneak peek at his upcoming book, Solo: 


Be sure to follow Kwame Alexander on Instagram as well as the Scholastic Book Fairs account to see who they let take over next!