What's your literary lucky charm?

Megan Kaesshaefer  //  Mar 17, 2014

What's your literary lucky charm?

When I was little, I loved the Magic Locket Book, by Elizabeth Koda-Callan. I remember basically nothing from the actual story—my love for the book was based solely on its little gold locket accessory, which I wore every day for weeks after reading the book. Then I discovered that The Magic Locket was a part of a larger series—The Magic Charm Book series—which included The Silver SlippersThe Tiny Angel, and The Good Luck Pony. Each book had an accompanying necklace, and I had to have them all. So then I was wearing four necklaces which was uncomfortable and looked ridiculous, and that was the end of that.

Though it was short-lived, I would definitely consider my magic locket a literary lucky charm. I wore it every day and it made me feel special, and best of all, it came from a book. So today, on St. Patrick's Day, I thought I'd ask the bloggers if they had (or have) any literary charms of their own. Turns out quite a few do. 

Morgan's literary lucky charm is a gorgeous necklace with a locket in the shape of a book, which she got from a dear friend. She carries it as a keychain because she considers it lucky. 

Michael always used his favorite pen for journaling whenever he travelled abroad.

Lia considers her "Wendy gown," inspired by Peter Pan, her literary lucky charm. She wore it everywhere until she was about 7. (It's now safely tucked away in her mother's garage.)

Emma says she has to have at least 5 Saddle Club books with her at all times. (Totally understandable.)

What about you? Do you have a literary lucky charm? Share it with us!

image via pirate johnny.