What will our children be for Halloween this year?

Jessica Watson  //  Oct 29, 2013

What will our children be for Halloween this year?

Michael and I have been struggling with the age old question that faces parents of toddlers in late October – what will our children be for Halloween this year?

As with many things, that struggle turned into a conversation on what certain book characters should have been for Halloween. Our inevitable dorkiness has turned into a list. Here it is:

  • In Clifford’s Halloween, Clifford dresses as a witch, a clown, a knight and even a ghost. Each of those neglects something about Clifford that should go without saying…he’s as tall as a house! So why not take advantage of that? Maybe Emily Elizabeth should rethink Halloween this year for the Big Red Dog and make him a dinosaur, King Kong or The BFG?
  • Katniss probably isn’t all that interested in trick or treating, given that her take would probably include Greasy Sae’s soup and some dandelion greens but…we have a slight difference of opinion on what Katniss’s costume should be. Zombie hunter or Effie Trinket? Anyone have any thoughts?
  • We are betting that Ramona Quimby would probably make her own costume. Maybe a rabbit? If so, we’re nominating Bunnicula or the Velveteen Rabbit.
  • In our time at Scholastic, we’ve seen many Harry Potters (even a human sized Snitch!) but no one ever thinks of Mad-Eye Moody as a Halloween costume (except Barty Crouch Jr…) If Mad-Eye had to dress up, though, what would he be? Not known for his crafty side, we think he’d go simple – a T-shirt that says ‘Don’t call me Barty!’ or even ‘Muggle.’
  • Did we mention that we have four toddlers between us? Basically, picture books are our friends these days. So we leave you with a new character – Phil from Hiding Phil! He’s an elephant and spends most of the book trying to hide (hence the title.) This exercise serves as a fantastic dress rehearsal for Halloween so we’re recommending Phil stick with the big pile of leaves. He could also paint himself red and go as a certain dog mentioned in the beginning of this post!

We hope everyone has a Happy Halloween! (Now we are off to make/buy a witch, pirate and two mouseketeer costumes!)