What are your book fair memories?

Guest Blogger  //  Jun 20, 2018

What are your book fair memories?

Guest post by Chelsea Bennett, Scholastic Book Fairs

When I tell people I work for Scholastic Book Fairs, they can’t wait to share their book fair memories with me and the impact the book fair had on them growing up. It’s easy to see why there’s such nostalgia for Scholastic Book Fairs…they change people’s lives!

To capture some of these amazing memories, we asked a few people, “What do you remember about your Scholastic Book Fair?”

Almost everyone we meet has a personal story to share about that first Goosebumps, Baby-sitter’s Club, or Clifford book they purchased with piggy-bank money they brought to school in a Ziploc bag or envelope. Or the time they spent combing through the cases to find the perfect book. And the smell! There’s nothing like the smell of a brand new book.

We want to hear what YOUR favorite memory about Scholastic Book Fairs is. So we're hosting a big sweepstakes for a chance to win a Throwback Book Box!

To enter the sweepstakes, share your fondest book fair memory with us on Facebook (@scholasticbookfairs), Instagram (@scholasticbookfairs), or Twitter (@scholastic) for a chance to win. Be sure to tag us and include #bookfairmemories and #sweepstakes in your post.

No purchase necessary to enter or win. Open to US residents only. Must be 18+ to enter. One entry per person. View complete entry rules here.