#WCW: Ms. Frizzle

Emily Morrow  //  Mar 1, 2017

#WCW: Ms. Frizzle

March is Women's History Month, and to celebrate, we'll be spotlighting a kick-butt female character each week!

First up: Ms. Frizzle

Growing up in the '90s, The Magic School Bus books (and, okay, also the TV show!) were a huge staple of my childhood. Here are five reasons why I'm a huge Ms. Frizzle fangirl, and you should be too:

1. Those dresses

Ms. Frizzle had, hands down, the best wardrobe of the '90s. She had a print dress for every occasion, be it traveling to the bottom of the ocean or the bottom of Arnold's stomach. 

2. Her catchphrases

The Frizz started every adventure with, "Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!" Personally, I think that should be everyone's motto — what an inspiring way to live your life!

3. She made learning fun

Ms. Frizzle was the teacher we all wanted. Not only were all the class field trips AMAZING, but she encouraged her students creativity, questions, and independent problem solving. She (sometimes literally) brought STEM subjects to life for her classroom! 

4. She really cares about her students

Though she often took them into insanely dangerous places, like, you know, outer space or a room with zero friction, she always made sure everyone made it back in one piece and wearing their "seatbelts, everyone!

5. She has MAGIC POWERS and knows basically everything about science, what more is there to say?

Bonus: Netflix is reviving "The Magic School Bus" show and Kate McKinnon will be voicing the new Ms. Frizzle!