Twitter Chat Recap: Supporting Striving Readers

Julia Graeper  //  Nov 3, 2017

Twitter Chat Recap: Supporting Striving Readers

At Scholastic we talk a lot about not just the importance of reading, but about doing the important work of helping kids love to read.

For some kids, loving to read is difficult because reading itself is difficult. Sometimes it's an ongoing struggle, and sometimes a young reader is grappling with a particular skill. We often refer to those readers as striving readers

On November 1st, @ScholasticEd hosted a Twitter chat with literacy expert Adria Klein, Ph.D. (@adriaklein_read) whose expertise includes working with striving readers. The conversation got particular lively around identifying some of the behaviors of striving readers, such as when kids mumble when reading aloud. 

We created a Storify of the #StrivingReaders chat below:

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