Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: On this day

Gina Asprocolas  //  Jan 18, 2018

Throwback Thursday: On this day

With shelves and shelves filled with old issues of our Scholastic classroom magazines, Deimosa and I decided to go back to a very specific date for today's Throwback Thursday: January 18th.

It took a little mental math as we browsed through all our bound volumes, but eventually we were able to find some old magazines that were published on exactly January 18th. What were we talking about back then? Space, apparently! Click any of the images below to open hi-res versions!

On this day 61 years ago: Junior Scholastic magazine (1957)

On this day 47 years ago: Scholastic NewsTime magazine (1971)

A bit of background: Launched in 1952, the first 15 issues of NewsTime were originally called Junior American Citizen. NewsTime then became Newstime (a subtle difference), then Scholastic News Edition 6 in 1993. Finally, Scholastic News Edition 6 merged with Scholastic News Edition 5 to become Scholastic News Grades 5/6 in 1994.

Special thanks to Librarian Deimosa Webber-Bey for her ongoing help with this series!

Gina Asprocolas