On this "Take Your Dog to Work" Day, Clifford takes a trip – and gets a job

Guest Blogger  //  Jun 26, 2015

On this "Take Your Dog to Work" Day, Clifford takes a trip – and gets a job

Last summer, Clifford took a short trip out west to see the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam, and more.  With his taste for adventure whetted, he decided to make this summer even BIGGER!  Clifford is visiting one fan in each of the 50 states, and those fans are cataloging his adventures on Instagram. Since the contest started on June 15th, he’s already run a 5K, seen the Gateway Arch, hiked part of the Appalachian Trail, and relaxed on the beach – and the summer is just getting started!

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day, and Clifford’s getting to try out lots of different jobs around the country. In Rhode Island, he drove a truck for the National Guard with @senos1212’s husband. In New York, he helped @mrs.merrills.book.break reshelve books at the Calvin Coolidge Elementary Library. In Kansas, Clifford is working on @craftysister’s farm for the day, while in Nebraska he’s living the corporate life in the PayPal offices with @jlallmeroth. Texas teachers had an in-service day, so @darbydaze12 brought Clifford to keep them company.  And in Colorado, Clifford helped out with some cleanings and x-rays at the dentist with @sunniham.

What other jobs is Clifford going to try today?  Check #dogsatwork and #CliffordTakesATripContest to find out! And if you have a dog helping you out at work today, be sure to share your own picture on Instagram with #dogsatwork.

Follow along with all of Clifford’s BIG adventures this summer on Instagram at #CliffordTakesATripContest. Remember to “like” your favorites, because the 3 pictures with the most likes at the end of the summer will win a prize! You can also visit Clifford’s Tumblr to see all the pictures (though your likes there will not count) and find your state’s representative. 

This is going to be Clifford’s BIGGEST summer ever!

--Danielle Klimashousky, Scholastic Media