Start reading Pixel Raiders: Dig World

Emily Morrow  //  Mar 9, 2018

Start reading Pixel Raiders: Dig World

Pixel Raiders: Dig World by Stephanie Bendixsen, Steven O'Donnell and Chris Kennett is first in a brand new, highly-illustrated series that is Ready Player One for the middle grade audience! Scroll down and start reading the first chapter right here!

About the book: Rip and Mei have been invited to play a beta release of the top secret new game from INREAL GAMES. Once they start playing, they're amazed by how true to life everything feels, looks, and smells. They collect materials to build a house, find food, and craft weapons.

But soon they're faced with real danger. If they don't find a way out in three days, they'll be stuck FOREVER.

Can they survive attacks from goblins, flametigers, fire lizards, and massive spiders to win the game?

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