Start reading Melowy: Dreams Come True

Emily Morrow  //  Feb 20, 2018

Start reading Melowy: Dreams Come True

Welcome to the magical land of Aura! This is home to the Pegasuses, who come from four ancient island realms: the Winter, Spring, Day, and Night Realm. Some Pegasuses are born with a symbol on their wings and a hidden magical power—these are the Melowies, who all attend school at the Castle of Destiny, where they learn about their power. Destiny is a place where friendships are born, where Melowies find their courage, and where they discover their true magic inside themselves! Five of the students are Clio, Kora, Maia, Selene, and Electra. And the time destined for them to meet has now arrived.

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Something very special was happening. Way up in the sky above the land of Aura, a magical trail had appeared in the clouds. It would only remain there for one day. Twenty-four pairs of wings fluttered in the cool air. Twenty-four silky manes sparkled in the morning light. Today was the big day. The day the Melowies were going to the Castle of Destiny for the first time!

Maya flapped her pink wings. She’d left her home in the Spring Realm and was now

flying with a bunch of other special pegasuses to the place they’d all dreamed about since they were little. She was so excited to finally find out more about her magic! It was just a shame that she was too shy to share her excitement with the others. But maybe, with a little effort . . .

Maya spotted a group of girls giggling nearby. She took a deep breath, flew over to them, and summoned her courage. “Hi, girls! How are you?” she whispered. The words were so soft that the others didn’t hear. They glided away on a whistling air current without even noticing her.

Feeling disappointed, Maya watched them flying off into the distance. But then she noticed a pegasus with a purple mane who was floating all by herself. Maya flew over to her with a flutter of wings. “HELLO! WHAT’S YOUR NAME?” she said, this time far too loudly.

The stranger looked her up and down. In a flat voice, she answered, “Selena.”

“I’m Maya. Umm . . . are you a Melowy, too?” Maya asked, trying to make con‑ versation.

“Of course,” the pretty pegasus replied. Now Maya felt silly. Selena had to be a

Melowy! Only Melowies, the pegasuses born with a symbol on their wings and a hidden magical power, could go where they were going.

Selena gave her a sideways look. Did Maya know how important this journey was?

Selena wasn’t trying to be nasty. But she usually liked to be alone and wanted to enjoy the special moment without distractions. Besides, Selena wasn’t used to being around other Melowies. At home, in her mother’s castle, she was the only one she’d ever known. Suddenly, an “Ooh!” echoed along the path through the clouds. The Melowy who had been flying at the front of the herd, Cora from the Winter Realm, suddenly seemed to lose her perfect poise. Her blue eyes grew wide with wonder as she gazed at what lay ahead.

The Melowies saw an island floating in the middle of a sea of clouds! The island was crowned by a beautiful castle with soaring towers surrounded by homes and other buildings below. It was the Castle of Destiny, the school for Melowies. And it was just as Cora had always imagined it! She’d been waiting to come here since she was a tiny pegasus, and finally, her time had come. She wanted everything to be perfect.

“Wings out, chin up, look proud,” she said to herself as she recovered her composure and followed the last stretch of the sparkling path through the clouds. She took a deep breath. “Wings out, chin—”

“Coming through!” someone suddenly yelled from behind her. And before Cora could get out of the way, a Melowy with a fiery red mane flew right into her, knocking her—and all her perfect plans—upside down! 

Meanwhile, on the floating island of Destiny, a little pegasus named Cleo peered out the window at the crowded streets and sighed.

“Cleo! Sweetheart!” called Theodora, the school cook. She held a cupcake covered with candles for Cleo’s arrival day. Ever since Gia, the school principal, found baby Cleo on the front steps of the castle, Cleo had celebrated that day with a sticky-sweet cupcake from the cook.  

“Make a wish and blow out the candles!” said Theodora, while Fluffy, Cleo’s adorable puppy, danced between her legs, hoping for a taste. As usual, Theodora had dressed Fluffy—she was covered from head to paw with little pink bows.

Cleo snorted. Make a wish! As if anything could be that simple today!

Theodora adjusted a runaway lock of Cleo’s hair. “What’s the matter, honey bun? Don’t you like the cupcake I made you? It’s double chocolate with three kinds of sprinkles, just the way you like.”

“I’m sorry, Theodora,” mumbled Cleo. “The cupcake is wonderful. It’s just that . . . No, it’s nothing. I’m a little distracted today, that’s all.”

The cook giggled. “You’re always a little distracted! Remember when you were little and went to play on the airfield during landing practice? Or the time you accidentally shut yourself in the cupboard of forbidden magic? But we like you just as you are. Now I’ve got to run! They need me in the kitchen. You finish that breakfast, young lady!” Theodora planted a big kiss on Cleo’s forehead.

“Okay,” said the little pegasus, trying to smile. “See you at the party tonight.”

Cleo had always loved her arrival day because it fell on the day that new students arrived at the Castle of Destiny. But this year everything was different. This year she was the same age as the new students. And no matter how hard she wished, she could never be one of them. Unlike the other Melowies, she didn’t have a symbol on her wings. She was the only one who didn’t know which realm she comes from. And that was all she could think about when she blew out the candles.

Cleo didn’t know that sometimes impossible dreams can come true. And in the most unexpected ways. . .


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