Start reading I Survived: The American Revolution, 1776

Emily Morrow  //  Sep 22, 2017

Start reading I Survived: The American Revolution, 1776

The latest installment in the bestselling I Survived series by Lauren Tarshis is here! In this book, readers are transported back to 1776 to the battlefields of the American Revolution. Start reading the first chapter right here, and visit for more information about the series!

Chapter One:

AUGUST 29, 1776

Nathaniel Fox was too young to be fighting in the Revolutionary War. He was only eleven years old. But here he was on a blood-soaked battlefield in Brooklyn, New York. Thousands of British soldiers were on the attack. And Nate was sure that he was about to die.

Gunfire crackled through the air.


Cannon blasts shook the ground.


Already one of Nate’s friends was lying dead in the dirt, shot through the heart. And now Nate was running for his life. He tore through the thick forest, dodging trees and stumbling over rocks. His mind swirled with fear. Blood pounded in his ears. And then came an even more terrifying sound: heavy footsteps right behind him.

Nate whipped his head around in panic. Over his shoulder, he saw an enormous soldier chasing after him. The man’s musket was aimed at Nate’s back. Attached to the gun’s tip was a killing sword — a bayonet.

Nate ran faster, desperate to escape. But he could hear the man’s pounding steps, and his grunting breaths.

“I’m not a soldier!” Nate wanted to scream. But it was too late. The man was closing in. Closer, closer, closer.

Nate braced himself for the killing stab. He was sure this was the end. 

And then came an ear-shattering blast.


Nate saw flames. A blinding light. And then the world went black.


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