Space is the place to be this summer!

Guest Blogger  //  Jul 10, 2014

Space is the place to be this summer!

What do you get when five animal friends­—each with very different personalities—run an intergalactic clubhouse in outer space? Infinite laughs in zero gravity, of course!

It’s also the launching pad for Astroblast!, Scholastic’s new animated TV series for kids. The show is adapted from the book series by author and illustrator Bob Kolar, whose characters come to life onscreen in a delightfully comical and entertaining series about a crew of animals living and working together in space.



The crew’s quirky personalities make for some very interesting situations (just a mess or two…or six!). But, beneath their zany adventures are real issues that demonstrate the essentials of friendship, teamwork and healthy habits for preschoolers—all with clever humor that appeals to kids and parents alike.  Don’t take our word for the irresistible Astroblast! crew and download fun activities for your child on the Astroblast website.

Astroblast! premieres on the Sprout channel this Saturday, July 12th at 1pm and 8PM (ET). Get a sneak peek of the premiere episode, ‘Oh, Brother’. Plus, celebrate the launch of Astroblast! on Saturday with Scholastic on Facebook for a chance to win some out-of-this-world goodies for your child!

- Amabel Ryan, Scholastic Media