A Science & Arts Program That Beautifies Schools

Allyson Barkan  //  Feb 22, 2019

A Science & Arts Program That Beautifies Schools

What goes into the design of a learning space? How can the design of a learning space impact students’ learning, mood, and participation? In our collaboration with Pepsi Lifewtr, we explore how art and design influence school learning environments, public spaces, and even structures in nature. Through this cross-curricular program, students in grades 7–12 will learn the importance of art and design of public spaces, and how nature is the original architect.

Here’s what teachers across the country are saying about the program:

“I think students who are involved with the beautification of their school have a stronger sense of ownership and pride, and this reflects on their motivation and involvement as students.” —Clint, Grades 7–12, Oklahoma

“It is a brilliant idea! [This program] teaches cooperation, science and art skills and concepts, and it introduces art to a wider audience.” —Anna, Grades 7–8, Florida

“Sometimes I struggle with ideas for cross-curricular lessons and love the idea of beautifying our campus while learning at the same time.” —Amber, Grades 9–12, Texas


Get your students involved!

Does your school have a space that your students feel is lacking in functionality or design? Students are encouraged to enter their own designs to transform that space in the Beautify Your School Sweepstakes. Five randomly selected students and their teachers will each win a $200 gift card! Go to scholastic.com/artisallaroundus now to enter. The deadline to submit entries is March 15th.