Scholastic Parents: Get kids reading with a "New Year Reading Challenge"

Michael Barrett  //  Jan 2, 2018

Scholastic Parents: Get kids reading with a "New Year Reading Challenge"

Scholastic Parents kicked off 2018 with a New Year Reading Challenge perfect for school-aged children. Parents can easily download a printable calendar, filled with creative activities and fun emoji-like graphics that little ones will surely appreciate.

To download: 

In the spirit of making resolutions and setting goals, families are encouraged to start the year off right through this commitment to read throughout the month. Each day, kids can complete a suggested literacy-boosting challenge of the day, designed to be accessible, original, and most of all — fun! The intention of the initiative is to motivate and inspire children to continue reading all year long.

By participating in the New Year Reading Challenge – even if just one or two challenges are tackled each week – children will experience reading together with their families, reading aloud, trading books, choosing their own books to read, reading in new places, reading new genres, reading to new audiences and more!

And what better way to get reading-ready for World Read Aloud Day on February 1st than discovering new ways to discover the power and joy of reading throughout January? 

Which challenges will your young reader take on?

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