Scholastic News Kid Reporter covers the first presidential debate

Brittany Sullivan  //  Sep 27, 2016

Scholastic News Kid Reporter covers the first presidential debate

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off yesterday at Hofstra University during the first of three presidential debates. Journalists, students and voters flocked to Hempstead, New York to attend the debate and hear each candidate’s thoughts on important issues impacting Americans today. Twelve-year-old Adedayo Perkovich, a Kid Reporter in the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps, was also there to get the inside story!

White at the debate, Adedayo interviewed fellow journalists and talked to Hofstra students about what matters most to them in this election. “As a student about to graduate, I want to know that the economy (the system in which goods and services are made and sold in the country) is going to be good,” said Raven Cordice, 20. “I also want to know that minorities in this country are going to be safe and have the same opportunities as everybody else.” Other students cited topics including climate change and foreign policy as the factors that could most influence their vote.

Check out Adedayo’s full story for the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps, “Trump and Clinton Clash Over the Issues.”

Coming up, the vice-presidential candidates will face off on October 4 in Farmville, Virginia. Stay tuned for more updates as the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps covers the campaign train, and check out all the social media buzz from the first presidential debate, below!