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Scholastic Book Clubs flyer reveal: New year, new books with the Book Boys

Michael Barrett  //  Jan 10, 2018

Scholastic Book Clubs flyer reveal: New year, new books with the Book Boys

The Book Boys kick off the new year with exciting new books. Here are some of their favorites from the Scholastic Book Clubs January flyers (visit



Featured in Honeybee & Inchworm:

I Love Pete the Kitty by James Dean

Before he was Pete the Cat, he was Pete the Kitty! Younger readers will love this board book all about everything Pete the Kitty love - including the thing he loves most of all.


Featured in Firefly:

Click, Clack, Moo, I Love You! by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin

Little Duck couldn’t be more excited to put together a spectacular Valentine’s Day party for everyone on the farm! But will Little Fox ruin the whole event? This picture book is another hit from the duo behind the bestselling Click, Clack series.


Featured in SeeSaw:

If You Ever Want to Bring a Circus to the Library, Don’t! by Elise Parsley

Magnolia is back in this laugh-out-loud funny picture book, and this time, she’s brought a circus to the library. Kids are sure to love the hilarious follow-up to If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, Don’t!, about a girl who just can’t seem to follow the rules.


Featured in Lucky:

Who Would Win? Ultimate Jungle Rumble by Jerry Pallotta, illustrated by Rob Bolster

In this ultimate battle royal, 16 vicious animals face off for the coveted title of King of the Jungle. This reader is filled with nonfiction fun facts and full-color illustrations of ferocious favorites: gorillas, snakes, big cats, and more.


Featured in Arrow:

Secret Hero Society: Detention of Doom by Derek Fridolfs, illustrated by Dustin Nguyen

The third installment in the action-packed graphic novel series, Detention of Doom stars favorite superheroes as grade-schoolers. This time, a trophy case sucks Clark Kent to another dimension and his friends Bruce, Diana, Barry, and Ollie have to save him!


Featured in TAB:

The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding by Alexandra Bracken

In the latest novel from bestselling author Alexandra Bracken, Prosper Redding is an "unremarkable" boy in a remarkable family until he discovers he has a demon living inside him. Now Prosper has to destroy the demon before someone else does—and before the demon destroys him.


Featured in Teens:

The Death Cure by James Dashner

In the third installment of the blockbuster Maze Runner series, Thomas has survived the "Maze and the Scorch", but is ready to risk it all to save his friends. The film adaptation is just around the corner—coming out January 26—so be sure to read this one soon.


Featured in Club Leo:

Ellen Ochoa by Pamela Walker, illustrated by Hideko Takahashi

Ellen Ochoa was the first Latina to become an astronaut and fly to outer space. In this Spanish-language book, readers will learn all about her life and accomplishments with color photographs and exciting fun facts.



Spotlight on the Special Nonfiction Offer "People and Places":

This month, the special offer is filled with nonfiction favorites about amazing people and stunning places. Kids will love reading biographies about role models and exploring the world through beautiful color photographs.


Featured in Voices:

Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History by Vashti Harrison

This gorgeous picture book highlights 40 African-American women who changed the course of American history. From pilot Bessie Coleman and abolitionist Sojourner Truth to mathematician Katherine Johnson and poet Maya Angelou, this nonfiction collection is filled with everyday heroes and role models.

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