Read an excerpt from You're Bacon Me Crazy by Suzanne Nelson

Guest Blogger  //  Feb 12, 2018

Read an excerpt from You're Bacon Me Crazy by Suzanne Nelson

Guest post by Vaishali Nayak, Associate Marketing Manager

Love comes in all flavors…even bacon. This February, we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with some of our loveliest WISH books, including You're Bacon Me Crazy by Suzanne Nelson!

About the book:

Tessa loves working at the trendy food truck her aunt runs in their native San Francisco. Serving yummy BLTs to her classmates after school, Tessa feels like she's living the dream. Then the dream turns into a nightmare. Popular, arrogant Asher starts working at the truck! He can't make a sandwich to save his life, and he's frustratingly cute.

But when the city's big food-truck festival is canceled, the future of the truck is suddenly at stake. Can Tessa and Asher set aside their differences and work together to save the truck? And will Tessa finally admit to herself how she really feels... about Asher?

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I could practically taste my new creation already. Lightly toasted bread spread with goat cheese, topped with arugula and diced chicken, and sprinkled with bacon bits for a crunchy finish. My fingertips tingled impatiently. I was eager to start stacking my ingredients into the perfect sandwich. This was how I always got toward the end of the school day, when all I could think about was getting to Aunt Cleo’s Tasty Truck.

Of course, I didn’t see the last step on the hallway stairs. And of course, it was my best friend, Mei Kwan, who rescued me. She grabbed my arm just before I fell head over heels into the throng of kids surging toward the door.

“Tessa!” Mei sighed and gave me the scolding smile she’s perfected over our ten years of friendship. “No daydreaming until we’re in the trample-free zone.”

I blinked, shaking my visions of sandwiches out of my head. “Sorry.” I shrugged, laughing. “You know I can’t interrupt inspiration. When the food muse strikes, I must obey.”

Together, Mei and I swept out the door into a cool mist tinged with sunlight. The sounds of the city — car horns and cable cars and the bustle of people — carried over to us on the wind. This time of year in San Francisco, the sun is constantly fighting with fog for attention. This afternoon, it seemed like the sun might stand a chance.

“You need to tell your food muse to stop talking to you during school,” Mei quipped, then stopped, glancing at my hair. “Hey, have you done a bobby-pin check lately? You’re still wearing three.” “Oh no.” I touched the three rhinestone bobby pins in my curly black hair. Each pin stood for something important I was supposed to remember.

When I remembered to do the important thing, I took out the bobby pin. This morning I’d started out with three bobby pins. Now I still had three, and I couldn’t even remember what they were supposed to help me remember!

I began ticking off things I had done right today. “I turned in all my homework, I remembered my gym sneakers. . . .” I gave Mei a help me look.

“What about for tomorrow?” Mei asked.

“My spelling list!” I smacked my forehead and a curl sprang from my ponytail. I spun on my heel and jogged toward the school doors, calling over my shoulder, “Be right back!”


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