On the podcast: author Bill Konigsberg

Emily Morrow  //  Jun 8, 2017

On the podcast: author Bill Konigsberg

Just in time for Pride Month, we have a brand new podcast episode featuring award-winning author Bill Konigsberg! Bill is the author of Openly Straight, which won the Sid Fleischman Award for Humor, the Stonewall Award-winning The Porcupine of Truth, and most recently, Honestly Ben, a follow-up novel to Openly Straight.

This week, Bill shares some incredibly moving stories about growing up and coming out as a gay teen in New York City during a time when there wasn't much in the way of literature for gay youth. He says:

I felt a void. I didn't see myself in a book until I was 18.

His hope is that the books he's writing now will fill that void for today's youth.

Later in the program, we talk with two Scholastic employees, librarian Deimosa Webber-Bey and art director Jeremy Goodwin. Deimosa runs the Scholastic employee book club. Bill attended a recent meeting, during which they discussed Honestly Ben.

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