The picture books you won't be able to forget: Scholastic's Spring 2017 Picture Book preview (and a giveaway!)

Last week, we introduced you to some of the remarkable Middle Grade books featured in the Scholastic Spring 2017 Online Previewand now we’re delighted to present Picture Books! With The Story Starts Here program, Scholastic is devoted to bringing high-quality, engaging picture books that ignite a love of reading that begins on day one. If you’re as excited about picture books as we are, make sure to read through to the end of this post to learn more about our amazing giveaway opportunity!

You can see all eight picture books featured in the Online Preview here: 


Or, check them out individually:

Now, get ready—YOU could win!

GIVEAWAY! We are giving 10 readers the chance to win a selection of 5 Advanced Copies of the books featured throughout the Preview. To enter here, leave a comment below telling us which book here you are most interested in reading. One entry per person. All entries must be submitted by 5pm ET on Friday, December 2, 2016. U.S. residents, 18 and over, please. See the complete legal rules here


- C. M. Reedy, Library & Educational Marketing



A very good selection for 2017. I liked the content very appropriate for the young minds, colorful illustrations and eye catching wordings. I am using these books for my Middle schoolers. Thanks.
Best wishes.
Shobha Agarwal

Upcoming spring releases are always exciting. I can't wait to check out Hello Mr. Dodo!

Would love to read Old Turtle: Questions of the Heart!

Great selections! Looking forward to Pig the Pug! The illustrations look super silly and the story looks fun! I'm also looking forward to Spunky Little Monkey which looks like it has great rhyming which is great for storytime. Plus, Brian Won iIlustrations!

They all look fabulous, but I'm especially excited to read Pig the Pug!

I'm looking forward to reading the Spunky Little Monkey with my own spunky little monkey!

I would love to read Penguin Day by Nic Bishop, although all of the books look fun.

I'm looking forward to reading "This and That"!

I would love to use these books with my students. Happy Dreamer would make a wonderful read aloud to exemplify a positive growth mindset.

I can't wait to read Spunky Little Monkey to some little ones!

They all look great! Pig and Pug has definitely caught my eye! My students would love to preview these with me!

Can't wait to read Happy Dreamer! Love Peter Reynolds illustrations - inspiration and dreaming knows no age!

I will enjoy adding "Penguin Day" to my penguin unit.

They all look fantastic and I look forward to reading them all! I am most excited to read Happy Dreamer!

I love all the books created by Peter H. Reynolds. I'm sure Happy Dreamer will be a great addition to my collection.

I'd love to read Spink Little Monkey to my class!

I can't wait to read The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet, Spunky Little Monkey, and This & That!

I want to read Happy Dreamer by Peter H. Reynolds.

Spunky the Monkey: I think K-2 students will love the word spunky and will be thrilled to connect to this new book.

Happy Dreamer, of course!

"Pig the Pug" is my first choice, although it was a very hard choice to make!

Looking forward to read the Happy Dreamer to my 5year old. These are all great selections, something we would love to add to our little library. Raising a book lover here.

While I find all picture books incredible teaching tools for all ages, I have to say the "The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet" especially stood out this year due to rooster shenanigans at our school. A house next to the school has a rooster that crow to greet the students in the morning, he crows when the recess whistle blows for them to return to class, and he crows when he escapes his confines and comes to play with the students. The funny part is when the principal and custodian become rooster herders and have to round him up to return him to his proper environment. Suggestion for next book, "The Rooster Who Had to Go to the Principal's Office."

I'd love to read The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet!

Looking forward to another great nonfiction book by Nic Bishop with Penguin Day and Hello Mr. Dodo by Nicholas John Frith reminds me of the illustrations in Harry the Dirty Dog. Excited to read them both!

Pig the Pug by Aaron Blabey

Hello Mr. Dodo: You never know who might be your next best friend!

Ah, this is tough. Which book to choose? Pig the Pug sounds and looks like a great read! My family dog was a "puggle," so I have a very soft spot for the breed.



Awesome selection of colorful and inviting books for young readers! I'm especially excited for Pig the students absolutely loved The Bad Guys and it'd be great to introduce them to another great read by Aaron Blabey!

Old Turtle: Questions of the Heart by Douglas Wood, illustrated by Greg Ruth, is the book I am most interested in previewing. I have a classroom full of nature loving students with inquisitive minds. We have never been disappointed by Douglas Wood yet and we know we won't be! Can't wait to see if we get to preview this awesome book!

My students would LOVE to read Pig the Pug!

Pig the Pug

There are a couple that immediately caught my attention however I can appreciate and relate to Happy Dreamer because I was one as a young girl. Go ahead and dream. It takes you to places you might not otherwise ever see. Go ahead and dream. It gives you remarkable freedom.Sounds like a perfect book for boy or girl .

I would love to read Spunky Little Monkey by Bill Martin Jr. and Michael Sampson to my little ones. They would enjoy all of these books. Every night before bed we have reading time with my 7 and 1 year old.

Would love to read the Rooster who wouldn't be quiet

Pig the Pug! The illustrations look amazing, and sharing is caring :-) We'd love to have these great books in our Learning Center!

I am interested in reading Spunky Little Monkey! I think my kids will love it!

I'm excited to read Happy Dreamer, Penguin Day, Old Turtle, and This & That.

Penguin Day--Who doesn't love penguins?

Penguin Day--looks like great art!

The book that I am the most interested in is The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet because it is about having a voice and keeping a voice and I think that is an important lesson for children and adults alike!

This n That or Spunky Little Monkey both look adorable!!

Pig the Pug would be great for my nephew!

I think my daughter would enjoy spunky little monkey

I have a student who loves picture books with "real" pictures. Looking forward to handing him Penguin Day.

The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet sounds like it would be right up my alley, but Spunky Little Monkey is also a strong contender.

I am most interested in reading Pig the Pug by Aaron Blabey!

I'd love to read This and That by Mem Fox.