In Our Feeds: Selfies, video games, the DNA of a successful book & more

Brittany Sullivan  //  Jan 24, 2014

In Our Feeds: Selfies, video games, the DNA of a successful book & more

Every Friday, we share a handful of links we found interesting, provocative, funny — or just plain cool. We call it In Our Feeds. Have a great weekend!


Alex spotted this awesome article about Japanese London-based photographer Chino Otsuka. When you first glance at her work, nothing seems out of the ordinary… until you look a little closer. Chino digitally inserts herself into old photos, creating the illusion of her present self, hanging out with her past self, while grabbing a bite to eat or just taking in the sights.

Speaking of photographs, Wednesday was #MuseumSelfie Day! Michael found this impressive collection of museum selfies, spanning from the Met to the Guggenheim and all of those museums in between. Did you take your own #MuseumSelfie?

This BuzzFeed article about “9 Video Games Based On Classic Literature” caught Megan’s eye this week. Believe it or not, beloved classics such as Fahrenheit 451, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and even Tom Sawyer have all been rendered into video games over the years.

It seems like Megan isn’t the only one browsing through Buzzfeed. According to this Atlantic story from Lia, 50% of Buzzfeed's traffic comes from mobile visits. This means that whether a story is 50 words or 5,000 words, people are reading on-the-go, and they aren’t afraid to dive into some denser reading material on their mobile devices. 

And finally, the staff here at OOM had an eye for infographics this week. Lia shared this Facebook word science Infographic detailing the science of what makes a shareable Facebook post. Pay attention, content creators! And have you ever wondered what goes into a really fantastic book, a book that you just can’t put down? Megan spotted this handy DNA of a Successful Book Infographic, which reveals that women are 50% more likely to finish a book than men and 20% of the top grossing fiction novels are literature. Who knew?

Here are some more fun links to welcome you into the weekend. Enjoy!