Our favorite words

Emily Morrow  //  Apr 11, 2018

Our favorite words

In The Word Collector by Peter H. Reynolds, the main character, Jerome, collects words. Short and sweet words, two-syllable treats, and multisyllable words that sound like little songs. Words that connect, transform, and empower.

We were so inspired by Jerome that we asked our readers to share their children's favorite words—and we were NOT disappointed by the answers! Ranging from sweet (mommy) and totally understandable (chocolate) to downright hilarious (awkward, cowabunga, and incomprehensible), we loved everyone's responses! In fact, we loved them so much, that we pulled them into this word cloud:

After seeing all of the words displayed like this, I had to know: What are some of my fellow bloggers' favorite words? Here's what they said:

Julia G.: My favorite word is nuance. I think it’s really pretty, and also I think that being alert for nuance is so important in trying to understand the world.

Brittany S.: Serendipitous. I love the way it sounds, the meaning, and how the word inspires a certain feeling when you say it!

Ashley C.: Faith! Because as long as you’ve got it, you’ve got the strength and grounding to always move forward!

Alex W.: Kerfuffle. You’d be surprise how often I manage to use it!

Crystal M.: Flabbergasted is my favorite word. It’s just so silly sounding.

As for me? My favorite word is effervescent! I love the fact that saying it out loud feels like its meaning.

What's your favorite word? Share it with us by tweeting us @scholastic! And read more about The Word Collector here!