Our BIG valentine!

Guest Blogger  //  Feb 14, 2014

Our BIG valentine!

Happy Valentine’s Day—and Happy Birthday, Clifford!

For 50+ years, Clifford’s heart-warming stories have taught generations what it means to be a good friend and treat others with kindness and respect. Now, Clifford’s sharing his stories on-screen with episodes based on his big ideas—beginning today on Netflix! Today, we celebrate not only the world’s biggest, most loveable dog but also the values he represents to kids of all ages.

So, as a special valentine to Clifford, we’re sharing our love for the him with an acrostic poem. (An acrostic poem is a poem in which the first letter of each line spells out a word, phrase, or name—in this case CLIFFORD!)

  • Caring with a heart that’s true
  • Loveable and adorable too
  • Irresistibly BIG and red
  • Friendly as everyone said
  • Fun, adventurous and always kind
  • Original—the only you’ll ever find
  • Runt of the litter that grew and grew
    Doggone goodness through and through

Now that’s BIG!

What words would you use to describe Clifford (in acrostic style, of course!)? Post them in the comments below. And, be sure to follow the Clifford the Big Red Dog Pinterest board and like the official Facebook page for more BIG red fun—including a daily giveaway starting tomorrow!

Teachers! If you want to implement an acrostic name poem activity in your class, learn more on the Scholastic Teacher site here. Try having your students make one for Clifford, using one word for each letter of his name to describe our favorite big red dog!

--Scholastic Media