One milestone, 20 million views

Morgan Baden  //  Nov 12, 2013

One milestone, 20 million views

In November 2010, we launched The First Thanksgiving, a virtual field trip to Plimoth Plantation that brought students into the heart of the Thanksgiving story while giving educators all the resources they needed for their classrooms.

Chock-full of presentations and interviews with Colonial and Wampanoag role players, The First Thanksgiving continues to be a huge hit with schools across the country -- such a hit, in fact, that we've reached an amazing milestone: the "Plimoth Plantation" virtual field trip has amassed 20 million views!

If you aren't one of those 20 million, i suggest you go check it out. Not only is the webcast informative, it's also super fun to watch, and the complete site sure helps get us in the Thanksgiving spirit! Plus, there are tons of other videos to watch, as well as great resources for classrooms.

Teachers, what kinds of lessons do you have planned for this Thanksgiving?