New year, new reading resolutions

Emily Morrow  //  Jan 4, 2018

New year, new reading resolutions

Along with basically everyone else in the world (except perhaps Neil deGrasse Tyson), I sat down this weekend to reflect on 2017 and think about what changes I wanted to make going in to 2018. Of course, some of my resolutions ended up being reading related! I asked some of my colleagues and fellow OOM bloggers, and it turns out I'm not the only one.

Here are 10 of our reading resolutions for 2018 — feel free to adapt any of these for yourself, and be sure to tweet us with what YOUR reading resolutions are!

If you need more inspiration, be sure to check out the Scholastic Parents #NewYearReadingChallenge for daily, doable prompts that can help brig more reading into your home in 2018!

Resolution 1: Read more nonfiction - Emily M.

I am a fiction girl through and through, but I discovered some really amazing nonfiction books in 2017 that ignited a love for the genre that I didn't know I had. My goal for 2018? To discover and read even MORE nonfiction! Be sure to send me your recommendations!

Resolution 2: Read while commuting - Morgan B.

Morgan says: I used to exlusively read during my train trips, but I'm increasingly either zoning out to music or listening to a podcast. As a result, my total number of books read in 2017 was much lower than the previous years! It made me realize I'm missing out on so many books. 

Resolution 3: Read before bed - Shara Z.

Shara says: I feel like I’ve relegated most of my 2017 reading time to the NYC subway, so I want to get back into the ritual of reading before bed! Watching "Game of Thrones" is great, but there’s nothing more relaxing than a novel to finish the day. 

Resolution 4: Consciously replace TV time with reading time - Loribelle L.

I may have to add this one to my own list! After a long day at work, sometimes vegging out in front of the TV is all I'm in the mood for, but turning that time into even more reading time is a really great idea!

Resolution 5: Choose to share engaging, value-driven books with young readers - Julia G.

Julia says: My five-year-old is really drawn to books that have branded characters on the covers, which is fine, and I do buy those for her if she wants them. (We know that kids enjoy books they have picked out themselves!) But in 2018 I resolve that when I am choosing a book for her, I am going to find titles that engage her, and also reflect the values her father and I think are important for her to learn about: that the world is a big, diverse place, and everyone’s story needs to be told; and also that kindness, community and “the golden rule” are what should guide her.

Resolution 6: Read something every day - Mike B.

Mike says: I am going to practice what I preach this year: “Take time to read every day for fun.” Our Kids & Family Reading Report data show it’s important for kids to be frequent readers as it sets them up for academic success. I believe reading for adults – whether it be a comic book, magazine article or the latest thriller novel - should be considered equally as integral to helping us learn about the world around us. It’s especially important in a time where empathy is more needed than ever – especially in a fast-paced, high-stress world.

Resolution 7: Share more books - Alex W.

Alex says: I find that far too often, once I finish a book, it goes back on my bookshelf until I rediscover it months or even years later. As a reading resolution, I plan to share books I have previously read with friends and family who will also enjoy them—verses putting these titles into retirement on my bookshelf!

Resolution 8: Keep track of what I'm reading - Emily M.

I had a really hard time remembering everything that I'd read in 2017 because I didn't keep track! I found myself scanning my bookshelves, trying to remember what books I read on which trips, commutes, etc. My goal for 2018 is to really keep up with updating my Goodreads account with what I've read — and with what I WANT to read!

Resolution 9: Take notes while reading - Loribelle L.

This fits really nicely in with my last resolution, to keep track of what I'm reading. Loribelle says she wants to write down things she finds interesting, words she doesn't know, etc., and I think that's a great idea! I would add jotting down my favorite quotes or passages so they are easy to reference later.

Resolution 10: Read more this year, period - Brittany S., Gina A., Stephanie A., Loribelle L.

Brittany says: I just did the math and I managed to read 26 books last year. So, looking ahead to 2018, my goal is to increase this number to 30 books total! The first book I am reading is Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews. 

Gina says: My goal this year is to read 20 books, and actually keep track of them.

Stephanie says: I’m a very picky reader, so I want to make more time for reading and exploring new genres!

Loribelle says: My goal is to read at least one book a month!