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New from Scholastic Parents: From imaginative book recommendations to activities galore

Guest Blogger  //  May 16, 2018

New from Scholastic Parents: From imaginative book recommendations to activities galore

Guest blog post by Shari Kaplan, Senior Editor Scholastic Parents Online

Don’t miss these new stories from Scholastic Parents! From unicorns to time travel to confidence-boosting reads, Scholastic Parents editors are highlighting these new book lists below.

Along with curated book selections from the Raise a Reader bloggers, parents can find kid-friendly activities – from math to science to poetry – to enjoy indoors and out, on the The Learning Toolkit blogs. 


11 Fantastically Magical Books About Unicorns  

Share titles featuring the beautiful, mythical creature with your fantasy-loving reader.        

8 Book Series To Take Your Reader on Time-Traveling Adventures            

Your independent reader can travel to a whole new dimension…without leaving home.

7 Picture Books to Help Your Child Be Brave     

How can your child overcome fears? Start with these brave and courageous reads.               

Tips for Reading Wordless Picture Books With Your Kids

Discover the benefit of wordless books for your young reader as well as six selections to enjoy together.            

8 Confidence-Boosting Books for Young Readers             

After listening to these read-alouds, your child will feel poised and ready to try new things.

Best Poetry Books for Kids of All Ages

Discover great poetry books for your young reader through this curated book list from Scholastic Librarian and book expert Deimosa Webber-Bey.  



Create a Friendship Poem Printable        

Let the kids use this friendship poem printable to create kindness poems for their pals.   

Have Kids Make a Bouquet of Compliments    

Use simple supplies to create a keepsake bouquet blooming with reasons that Mom is the best.


Fraction-to-Decimal Conversions With a Fun Math Printable       

Help your child master the tricky concept of how fractions and decimals relate to whole numbers.            

How to Create Math Story Problems     

Telling a story that involves multiplication or division will deepen your child's math understanding.                    

4 Ways to Challenge Your Math Learner at Home             

You'll find enrichment activities, problem-solving questions, and more in these helpful online resources for children aged eight and up.


Candy Chemistry: Create Chemical Structures From Sweet Treats             

Learn how atoms stick together in molecules by assembling chemical models from candy and toothpicks. 

Make Beautiful, Bold Batik Designs on Fabric      

Combine science and art using acrylic paint and glue to make beautiful batiks.

Practice Math By Making Fruit Fraction Animals

Help your child try their hand at fractions and see how the ancient Greeks came up with the concept of them atom by cutting up fruit.