A new book series to inspire girl power and Latinx pride

Guest Blogger  //  Sep 20, 2018

A new book series to inspire girl power and Latinx pride

Scholastic’s new chapter book series (launching with two books, Sarai and the Meaning of Awesome—which is also available in Spanish—and Sarai in the Spotlight) is an exciting addition to Scholastic’s book offerings for readers ages 7-10—it is a celebration of girl power and Latinx pride, and is co-authored by viral music video star and social activist, Sarai Gonzalez!

After starring in the 2016 viral music video about self-confidence, “Soy Yo” (which earned over 55 million views on YouTube), eleven year-old Sarai Gonzalez was celebrated by newspapers like The New York Times (who called Sarai ‘a Latina icon’), and famous figures like President Barack Obama and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Sarai has continued to inspire people to be proud of their identities, and recently applied her talents to Scholastic’s Sarai series, which she co-authored with award-winning author, Monica Brown.

Inspired by Sarai’s Peruvian- and Costa Rican-American heritage, as well as Monica’s Peruvian background, the Sarai book series weaves together aspects of Latinx culture, themes of goal-setting, and lessons of supporting the talents of others.

How the Sarai series inspires girl power and Latinx pride

The books encourage self-pride in readers’ unique heritage

With fun explanations of cultural food items—like paletas (popsicles originating from Mexico) and chicha morada (a drink made out of purple corn from Peru)—and Spanish phrases peppered throughout the books, this series is a celebration of what makes us all uniqueLatinx readers may recognize some of their own family’s customs within the Sarai series, and for non-Latinx readers, these books are a great introduction to new foods, words, and cultures!

The books inspire girls to dream big 

Sarai’s book characterization wonderfully captures the real-life Sarai’s trademark self-confidence and drive. Readers will love that she begins each day with the self-affirmation: “YOU ARE AWESOME,” and will benefit from the reminder that anything is possible with self-acceptance and the support of family and friends—in the books, Sarai even has her own cupcake business!

The books reinforce a culture of support

Throughout the seriesSarai is not only unafraid to try new things for herself, but is supportive of her friends in their goals and talents. Families who want to further reinforce the importance of support and teamwork can download shareable friendship cards (and more fun activities!) from the Sarai series website.

To learn more about Sarai, and to introduce your reader to the books, downloadable activities, and fun quizzes, visit Scholastic.com/Sarai.