New app alert: WordGirl Superhero Training!

Guest Blogger  //  Nov 14, 2013

New app alert: WordGirl Superhero Training!

Growing up, I often stared bleary eyed at the TV as a powerful creature known as Superman soared high above the New York City skyline, saving strangers and confronting evil. He also seemed to inspire what would become a lifelong passion for superheroes…which has come full circle now that I work at Scholastic and have been introduced to the most PHENOMENAL (adj. highly extraordinary or prodigious; exceptional) superhero of all time…WordGirl! Why of all time? Because she fights crime with just the right ‘word’ and an inspiring (and POWER-ful!) vocabulary!

So it’s with sheer JOY (noun. the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation) that I share the news today of a just-launched app called the WordGirl Superhero Training for iPad and Android that lets players see if they have what it takes to be WordGirl’s sidekick! Players face off against fan-favorite villains in four games:

  • WordGirl vs. The Whammer: In this game, players build their superhero memory skills as they help WordGirl put various items in Fair City back together. Each level is designed to expose players to new vocabulary.
  • Captain Huggy Face vs. The Butcher: Players must be quick to fend off the Butcher’s meat attack to win this game. While players train their superhero reflex skills they also focus on vocabulary, identifying which words go with which categories.
  • WordGirl vs. Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy: In this game, Chuck has designed a mischievously tricky sandwich order for players to follow. Players will utilize skills in listening, critical thinking, and logic to solve each level, while learning about prepositions and sequential language.
  • WordGirl vs. Dr. Two Brains: Players will train their superhero navigation skills as they move WordGirl through a maze of portals to find Dr. Two Brains. Within the maze, players encounter new vocabulary in synonym word pairings.

We all know that reading introduces new words – but more importantly - new words, in turn, make better readers! What’s more SUPER-powerful than that? Let us know what you think of the new app on Scholastic’s official WordGirl Facebook page; we can’t wait to hear what words you use to describe it!

--Julia Boudreau, Scholastic Media

More about the app: Do fans have what it takes to be WordGirl’s sidekick? In the new PBS KIDS app, players face off against fan-favorite villains for a ROBUST (adj. strong and healthy; hardy; vigorous) experience that will expose fans to new words, encourage the use of critical thinking skills, and provide them with the opportunity to see and hear words in context to aid in vocabulary development!