Must-read picture books and chapter books: Scholastic's Fall 2017 Online Preview (and a giveaway!)

Today, we launched the Scholastic Online Preview for Fall 2017! With presentations from more than 30 authors and editors, these videos are the perfect introduction to key titles from our Fall season.

Among the picture books, chapter books, middle grade and young adults books are exciting debut authors, brand new series and of course, new titles from some of your favorites like David Shannon, Alan Gratz, R.L. Stine, Marc Brown and Maggie Steifvater!

In fact, we have so many great titles coming this fall that it just won’t fit in one OOM post – so today, we are going to talk about picture books and chapter books! (Just a quick note that you’ll want to read on to the end because we have a great contest where you can win advanced copies of these books!)


Where else can you find Italian motor cars, an overscheduled bee and a girl with magical sparkly curls in one fabulous picture book list? In addition to these, you’ll find a breathtakingly illustrated new book from Peter Sís, an adorable and predictably ‘SCARY’ new character from R.L. Stine and Marc Brown plus an aptly titled book that explores the fundamental question of Why Am I Me?

Watch the videos for all of our picture books here, or check out each title individually by clicking below:

Next, let's dive into: CHAPTER BOOKS!

For the first time, we are adding a separate chapter books category to the Online Preview We have three great titles to share this fall including a new addition to the I Survived series set in the American Revolution! See all of the videos here, or click on the title you're most interested in below:

But the fun doesn’t end with the videos!

**Edit: Giveaway closed! The winners have been notified as of 6/19/17**

We are giving 10 readers the chance to win a selection of 5 advanced copies of the books featured throughout the Preview. To enter here, leave a comment below telling us which book featured here you are most interested in reading. One entry per person. All entries must be submitted by 5pm ET on Friday, June 16, 2017. U.S. residents, 18 and over, please. See the complete legal rules here.


For sure it would have to be Mary McScary!!! My students love R.L. Stein and I'm really intrigued by the collaboration with Marc Brown!

I am looking forward to reading :I survived The American Revolution", since I teach the causes of the American Revolution.

I look forward to reading all of them. In only choosing one, that will be the I Survived the American Revolution. These books have been great for my students and I always look forward to the next one!

My daughter loves history! I know she will love I Survived the American Revolution

I am a first grade teacher with a bee themed classroom. I would love Bizzy Mizz Lizzie!

I Survived the American Revolution by Lauren Tarshis is the one book I'm most anticipating for my classroom and to read myself.

It is hard to choose just one! I am excited to read Mary McScary, because I have always loved R.L. Stine's books since I was a kid. However, my second graders absolutely love the I Survived series, so that one will definitely be a must-have for my classroom!

I am excited about I Survived the American Revolution. This upcoming school year we will be studying American History and reading novels such as Shh! We're Writing the Constitution, What's the Big Idea, Ben Franklin?, Carry On Mr. Bowditch. I would love to add I Survived the American Revolution to our curriculum!

Why Am I Me?

I survived The American Revolution by Lauren Tarshis

I Survived the American Revolution

I'm most interested in the I Survived the American Revolution book. I've read all of the other I Survived books and loved them!

Why Am I Me? Sounded interesting

My boys would be interested in reading The Mouse And His Child

My daughter is very excited to read many of the books on the list, but most excited for "American Girl Like Sisters #1: Emma Moves In"!

I survived the American revolution! My son loves history!

Silent Days, Silent Dreams

My daughter is so excited to see what adventures Hilda Cracks The Case and American Girl Like Sisters #1: Emma Moves In brings. My son is interested in the I Survived The American Revolution.

Why am I Me

It would be a toss up in our house! My oldest would be most excited about reading American Girl Like Sisters: Emma moves in and my youngest would love to read Love, Santa.

I Survived the American Revolution!

We are excited for Lauren Tarshis' I Survived: The American Revolution. My child is one of the most reluctant readers you could ever meet, and he is excited about this one as he loves the other I Survived books,

Silent Days, Silent Dreams looks amazing!

I would love to win a copy of Love, Santa to add to my collection of Christmas books.

I Survived American Revolution

My daughter is excited to read "The mouse and his child". She loves reading and, most of all, I love that reading helps her with vocabulary. My daughter has a speech delay and I'm amazed at how much she's improved since learning to read.

American Girl Like Sisters #1: Emma Moves In

I think my daughters would really enjoy Hilde Cracks the Case! :)

I survived the American revolution! My son loves that series and it's a great way to learn history!

I am most excited to read the I survived the American Revolution book. This is part of a great series and always gets myself and my students excited about history!

My kids would enjoy I Survived The American Revolution by Lauren Tarshis! We've loved reading this series! :-)

Why am I me?

I Survived the American Revolution

Theres so many good books here, its hard just to pick one!
My kids would love Silent Days, Silent Dreams. OR Robinson. OR Princess Truly. OR Hide Cracks the Case.
These are their choices. Lol.

Bizzy Mizz Lizzie

I would love to read I survived the American revolution. My kids love those books and I would love to read it to talk with them about it

Bizzy Mizz Lizzie, but really any would be amazing! My little book lovers would be jumping up and down!

Silent Days, Silent Dreams is the book I'm most excited to read. It would create a great teachable moment for my students.

I am eager to read aloud Paige Britt's new picture book, Why Am I Me?, to my incoming 8th grade U.S. History/Language Arts students. From the trailer, it sounds like this is a storybook that I should certainly read aloud in early September; it's a story that will surely draw my students into our year-long conversation about perspective, empathy, compassion, altruism, and humanity while we study literary and historical authors and characters who asked why people mistreat other people. Why Am I Me? will be a simple, yet deep storybook for me to introduce my 13-year-olds to writers and characters like Frederick Douglass, Anne Frank, Cesar Chavez, Langston Hughes, Thomas Jefferson, and Elizabeth Lady Stanton. Can't wait to add it to our classroom bookshelf for Fall 2017!

I am looking forward to Hilde cracks the case! We enjoy mysteries!

I love the I Survived! series! I can't wait to see what adventure Lauren Tarshis writes about in The American Revolution.

I just started reading chapter books and I'm starting to learn a lot about history. I am named after the famous Captain Andrew Dale who fought in the American Revolution. Since family is so important to me I would love to learn about this important time in America's history and my family. Therefore I would love to read the I survived the American Revolution book, please!

I can't wait too read Tool School. If I enjoy the book (and it seems that I will) I would like to use it in September with Grades Pre-School to 2 at the two Buffalo Public Schools that I am a School Librarian at. It looks like the perfect book to start out a new school year in September.

I am excited to read "All The Crooked Saints", I have read other novels by Maggie and love her writing. Students on my campus seem to be drawn to work as well!

I am anxious to see the new I survived title. My kids love them. Also, the American revolution is an intriguing time period that they enjoy learning more about.

Wordplay sounds like a fun choice.

I am looking forward to Sparrow! Love all the books coming about with diverse characters!!

I know my students will be super interested in Swing It, Sunny the follow up to Sunny Side Up. They love graphic novels and Sunny is a perfect middle school read for all!