Must-read picture books and chapter books: Scholastic's Fall 2017 Online Preview (and a giveaway!)

Today, we launched the Scholastic Online Preview for Fall 2017! With presentations from more than 30 authors and editors, these videos are the perfect introduction to key titles from our Fall season.

Among the picture books, chapter books, middle grade and young adults books are exciting debut authors, brand new series and of course, new titles from some of your favorites like David Shannon, Alan Gratz, R.L. Stine, Marc Brown and Maggie Steifvater!

In fact, we have so many great titles coming this fall that it just won’t fit in one OOM post – so today, we are going to talk about picture books and chapter books! (Just a quick note that you’ll want to read on to the end because we have a great contest where you can win advanced copies of these books!)


Where else can you find Italian motor cars, an overscheduled bee and a girl with magical sparkly curls in one fabulous picture book list? In addition to these, you’ll find a breathtakingly illustrated new book from Peter Sís, an adorable and predictably ‘SCARY’ new character from R.L. Stine and Marc Brown plus an aptly titled book that explores the fundamental question of Why Am I Me?

Watch the videos for all of our picture books here, or check out each title individually by clicking below:

Next, let's dive into: CHAPTER BOOKS!

For the first time, we are adding a separate chapter books category to the Online Preview We have three great titles to share this fall including a new addition to the I Survived series set in the American Revolution! See all of the videos here, or click on the title you're most interested in below:

But the fun doesn’t end with the videos!

**Edit: Giveaway closed! The winners have been notified as of 6/19/17**

We are giving 10 readers the chance to win a selection of 5 advanced copies of the books featured throughout the Preview. To enter here, leave a comment below telling us which book featured here you are most interested in reading. One entry per person. All entries must be submitted by 5pm ET on Friday, June 16, 2017. U.S. residents, 18 and over, please. See the complete legal rules here.


My girls are reading books as if it's breathing right now. I know they would love the American Girl series: Emma moves in!

Mary Mcscary

I really loved R.L. Stine's books growing up, so I'm excited to see Mary Mcscary!

Why Am I Me would be a great addition to our families unit.

American Girl Like Sisters#1:Emma Moves In. I can hardly wait to read this with my own daughters! They love the entire AG series.

They all look great but I'll read Hilde Cracks the Case first!

My daughter is most excited for Hilde Cracks the Case and I am most excited for Love, Santa!

I'm excited about the new Allen say book "Silent Days, Silent Dreams." My 2nd grade students do a biography project and focus on people who have overcome challenges. This book looks like a great fit for that unit.

As a linguist at heart, Wordplay will probably be required reading in my room and at home!!!!

Would love to preview the new children's titles. Being a children's literature professor, I am always looking forward to new titles to show to my class.

Marry Mcscary 6Armb6

Why Am I Me! Love that it is set on the subway, and would love to share with my children why we are uniquely created!

I'd love the chapter books for my kids and students.

All about Mia sounds wonderful!!! Can't wait to book talk it!

I want to read them all, especially The Mouse and his Child!

Can't wait to read the new I Survived book!

I think the I survived American Revolution will be a great read and one I am excited

Wordplay looks amazing. My kids will love it!

Hilde Cracks the Case!

My daughter loves Goosebumps so I'll go with Mary McScary!

I can't wait for my daughter to read the new "American Girl Like Sisters #1:Emma Moves In," book by Clare Hutton. From Molly to Julie, the American Girl books never disappoint. They are well written and educational. They always send positive messages to the girls and are very age appropriate.

Hilde Cracks The Case

My son love the I survived series!! He is especially excited for the American Revolution chapter book because it really gets him interested in American history!!! We have every I survived book so far and getting discussion and interest is so important especially about history!!! We would love a chance to win these books and good luck everyone!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

I think my students would be very excited to read "Hilde Cracks the Case." It seems like it would inspire some great mystery writing and would help kick off my csi unit next year.

My son LOVES the I Survived Series! It is difficult to find books he annoys and these never fail to please!

I'm excited for the new David Shannon book and for "Mouse and His Child!"

I cannot wait to read I survived the American Revolution books

I Survived The American Revolution looks great. My 10 and 11 year old boys have read them all!

I am excited for Wordplay ~ just the title along, is exciting!

We're most interested in Mary McScary because spooky is fun.

So many great choices coming our way. Hilde Cracks the Case looks like a such a fun read! Our kids would love this one!

Hilde Cracks the Case

I am really interested in Robinson,it does look visually stunning.I think Silent days ,silent dreams is a very important book I want to read to my kids.My grandma was deaf and was a deaf teacher for thirty five yrs at the Oregon school for the deaf .I am fascinated by this book.I think Love Santa is i tersting as my kids are getting to be that age and I want to see how other parents handle that time gracefully.I This my nine yr old just told me that she loves the I survived stories and would be looking for that series at the end of the yr. book exchange!I know she would be super excited to check out I survived the American revolution! I also saw the nightengale book that looked good to me.Also the have sword will travel and several others like word play and another adventure chapter book!Apparently It is hard for me to choose!lol!

Bizet Mia Lizzie! My son loves, loves, loves David Shannon.

I survived the American revolution. The series is so great and when supplemented with factual books that correlate to the events, it's a great learning opportunity

Silent Days, Silent Dreams. What an opportunity to learn about his way of becoming such an artist.

I am most excited for the I Survived The American Revolution by Lauren Tarshis. My students love the I Survived series, as it covers many topics we learn in social studies.

I am most looking forward to I Survived The American Revolution.

I am excited to read the I survived book. My son is 13 and read all of the I Survived books when he was in fifth and sixth grade. Now he is obsessed with the play Hamilton and this would be a great add to his knowledge of the American revolution.

Thank you for the opportunity for these books. This is such a great idea. All of the books look wonderful, but since we are having to pick one, I would have to pick Silent Days, Silent Dreams.

I can't wait to read and share I Survived the American Revolution. It fits in perfect with oout ELA and Social Studies curriculum.

I can't wait to use Princess Truly in I am Truly in my classroom! As part of our PBIS lessons in our school we choose a monthly theme. This book will fit beautifully into our lessons on self confidence!

I am most interested in reading Why Am I Me?

I love the I Survived series! I am most interested in I Survived the American Revolution.

I can't wait to read I Survived the American Revolution. My students love these books and so do I!

I am most interested in 'American Girl Like Sisters #1: Emma Moves In'4

Most interested in Mary McScary!!!