Must-read picture books and chapter books: Scholastic's Fall 2017 Online Preview (and a giveaway!)

Today, we launched the Scholastic Online Preview for Fall 2017! With presentations from more than 30 authors and editors, these videos are the perfect introduction to key titles from our Fall season.

Among the picture books, chapter books, middle grade and young adults books are exciting debut authors, brand new series and of course, new titles from some of your favorites like David Shannon, Alan Gratz, R.L. Stine, Marc Brown and Maggie Steifvater!

In fact, we have so many great titles coming this fall that it just won’t fit in one OOM post – so today, we are going to talk about picture books and chapter books! (Just a quick note that you’ll want to read on to the end because we have a great contest where you can win advanced copies of these books!)


Where else can you find Italian motor cars, an overscheduled bee and a girl with magical sparkly curls in one fabulous picture book list? In addition to these, you’ll find a breathtakingly illustrated new book from Peter Sís, an adorable and predictably ‘SCARY’ new character from R.L. Stine and Marc Brown plus an aptly titled book that explores the fundamental question of Why Am I Me?

Watch the videos for all of our picture books here, or check out each title individually by clicking below:

Next, let's dive into: CHAPTER BOOKS!

For the first time, we are adding a separate chapter books category to the Online Preview We have three great titles to share this fall including a new addition to the I Survived series set in the American Revolution! See all of the videos here, or click on the title you're most interested in below:

But the fun doesn’t end with the videos!

**Edit: Giveaway closed! The winners have been notified as of 6/19/17**

We are giving 10 readers the chance to win a selection of 5 advanced copies of the books featured throughout the Preview. To enter here, leave a comment below telling us which book featured here you are most interested in reading. One entry per person. All entries must be submitted by 5pm ET on Friday, June 16, 2017. U.S. residents, 18 and over, please. See the complete legal rules here.


I love the I Survived series and would like to read about the American Revolution.

Most interested in Love, Santa. Lots of good choices!

We are most excited to read Hilde cracks the case because our family loves mysteries

My son would love to read the I survived the American Revolution book.

I am so excited for Robinson and it's gorgeous illustrations! I'd love to add it to my future classroom collection.

Princess Truly In I Am Truly sounds awesome!!

Mary Mcscary! R.l. Stine and Marc brown are two of my favorite children's authors!

My son is just old enough to enjoy the I Survived books so we are very interested in those.

Love books and love instilling a lifelong need to read in my students.

I survived the American Revolution.

Why am I me?

I would be interested in I survived the American Revolution. It sounds like a great story to read to my future students!

I would love to read I Survived The American Revolution! I am very interested in teaching Social Studies, and I love any resources to expand perspectives and enhance the learning experience!

I would like to read the "I Survived the American Revolution." Teaching that subject for the first time last year to my 8th graders made me realize, there are a few things I need to brush up on. On ap positive note, I don't confuse it with the Civil War like my students!

R.L. Stine and Marc Brown? I am definitely looking forward to Mary McScary! Although they all sound great. I'm looking forward to another year of great books from Scholastic.

I would most likely to read the new I Survived The American Revolution. Several of my students love these books. My daughter would love the new American Girl Sisters series.

I survived the American Revolution

bizzy miss lizzie! For my busy miss lizzie :)

I don't even know where to begin!!! I have been a gifted resource teacher for 6 year, but I am headed back to the classroom. I am very close to retirement, and wanted to finish up teaching what I love most..... reading in 3rd grade! Please consider me for these books! I trust your judgement as to which books!

Mary McScary

I am most excited about "Silent Days, Silent Dreams". My son is deaf and we love to find books about other people who are dead. He would really love this one!!

I can't wait for Wordplay!! Such a fun way to reinforce the parts of speech!

I want to read Tarshis' _I Survived the American Revolution_ to preview it for my historical-fiction-loving students. I'm looking forward to arranging our genre shelves so students can easily find titles for the era they're most interested in.

They all look so good. Refugee if I must pick....

My son would love to read the Mary McScary. He's really into reading and it would be great to encourage that love by having new books to add to our library!

I'm looking forward to reading the new I Survived the American Revolution! It's a perfect fit for our curriculum!

I am interested in Worplay. HS3

I am excited to read Polaris. It combines two of my favorite genres, adventure and historical fiction.

I would love to check out I Survived the American Revolution. Love that series.

I'm most excited for I Survive the American Revolution. My students LOVE the I Survived series.

I would love to read I am Truly to my soon to be kindergartner so she can see that she can do anything as long as she believes in herself. I love books that open up doors for girls.

My daughter loves History. So, I am sure she would choose I survived the American Revolution. My son is a kindergarten and I think he would love to read Love Santa.

Bizzy Mizz Lizzie looking forward to flipping through the pages at drooling over David Shannon's illustrations.

I'm excited to read I Survived the American Revolution! Lauren Tarshis has an amazing talent for hooking reluctant readers with her storytelling!

I am curious about the "Love, Santa" book. I would love to share with my nephews and then in my little free library outside in my front yard.

I'm interested in Hilde Cracks The Case because my daughter loves reading mysteries.

My 8 yr old daughter Eva loves the "I survived " series so she wants to read "I survived the American Revolution " Thank you for the opportunity!

In our household, reading is a big thing. My oldest is reading at a 6th grade level in the 4th grade. My youngest get excited when she get a new book to read. Definitely looking forward to American Girl Like Sisters #1: Emma Moves In by Clare Hutton, Princess Truly In I Am Truly, Mama Lion Wins The Race.Can't wait to read them with my girls

The two that captured my attention are Robinson and Mary Mcscary. The story in both sound full of fun and adventure plus the illustrations look beautiful and full of color. Any of these two can be a great addition to our library. My son is very young still but he loves story time. He can sit still and just watch as I read to him up to 5 books in one sitting. Then he will mimic reading all of them back to me. I'm positive these 2 books will be to his liking too.

I would love to read I Survived the American Revolution!

Why am I me? This would be a good book to read to my children to help them understand why they are who they are and to be happy with themselves even though they're different.

I am excited for "Why Am I Me?" Because R. L Stein has always been one of my favorite authors. My daughter will love these books as well and I'm sure I can share some with my kindergarten students!

I would like to read Wordplay. I am an upper elementary reading intervention teacher and each day we have a word work segment to our lesson. I use picture books to help spark writing ideas and to help my reluctant readers learn to enjoy reading. I'm sure Wordplay would fit nicely into my picture book collection!

I love David Shannon cannot wait for this new book!77

What a tough decision to make! I am a huge Jon Muth fan so I have to say Mama Lion Wins the Race is the one I think I will love the best. It looks a bit different from his usual style but I am sure it is just as awesome!

I want to read Wordplay. I love books that are fun and incorporate learning into them. The illustrations look great too!

I'm most interested in reading the book, Why Am I Me? I think it would be a great book to share with my 3.5 year son about we are who we are and all of us are different.

We are excited for all these picture books and to expand our library.

I Survived the American Revolution. The I Survived books are fascinating for everyone.