Meet the Book Boys... on YouTube!

Emily Morrow  //  Apr 24, 2017

Meet the Book Boys... on YouTube!

The Book Boys are now on YouTube!

In case you're not familiar, the Book Boys are Scholastic Reading Club employees whose mission is to get kids and classrooms excited about reading. Each week, they feature a new book, dress up, mess around, and sometimes they even have surprise guests!

Be sure to subscribe to Scholastic's YouTube channel and follow your favorite Book Boys playlist. They have videos for early childhood through first grade; grades 2-3; and grades 4 and up!

Here's a taste of a video for each age group:

The Book Boys are just Monkeying Around (for early childhood - first grade classrooms)

Book Boys: Adventure on the Oregon Trail (for grades 2-3)

Book Boys: That Time in Middle School... (for grades 4 and up)