Looking to be inspired? Check out Reader Leader!

Julia Graeper  //  Oct 28, 2016

Looking to be inspired? Check out Reader Leader!

Every time I stop by the Reader Leader blog, I read something so smart and interesting that I want to tell my friends, co-workers or husband about it. The "reader leaders" are a diverse group of teachers, librarians and authors who have genius, simple and inspiring ideas for engaging kids with books. So genius, inspiring and simple that when reading, I often have "why didn't I think of that!?" moments.

Below is a roundup of a few recent posts that are particularly great:

  • Cultivating a School-Wide Independent Reading Culture: "Have you ever walked into a school and felt that independent reading was truly a part of the culture? What did it look like in that school? What did you hear and see inside every classroom?" There is a lot to learn here.
  • The Benefit of Winging It: This librarian explains why messiness and excitement (as opposed to order and quiet) are what makes 21st-century libraries so special.
  • Reading Moments that Touch Our Hearts: Teacher Colby Sharp had a mock Caldecott in his classroom, which got his students super engaged with their reading. Genius!

 If you're looking to be inspired, be sure to stop by the Reader Leader blog!