Library lovers month: 3 reasons to celebrate

Michael Barrett  //  Feb 12, 2014

Library lovers month: 3 reasons to celebrate

Book nerds, rejoice!

It’s “Library Lovers’ Month.”

Sure, this week is full of cupids, romantic cards and candy, but it’s time to send a big ol’ Valentine to one of our favorite places: the library.

We all have different associations with the library. It could remind us of that magical moment discovering your favorite book series or it could evoke anxiety-ridden memories of you cramming for your college finals. Either way, I provided a few reasons why I think libraries must be celebrated.


1.)    Libraries bring people together – The library is one of the greatest inventions of humankind. Think about it. Where else can people of different ages, backgrounds, income brackets and belief systems all sit together in perfect harmony? And in silence no less. The shelves full of books provide countless, diverse ideas that can hopefully remove our biases and open our eyes to the bigger picture.


2.)    Libraries serve multiple purposes – Whether you are looking for quiet time or searching for great local events in your community, the library is one of those places where creativity lives 24/7. Author visits, children’s book read-alouds, art exhibits, fundraising galas and more all can occur at the library. Libraries are even becoming a wedding venue hotspot. The library manages to keep reinventing itself as a community center for knowledge and culture.


3.)    Libraries accompany us through our life journey – Sounds sappy, right? Well, the library consistently provides us a wealth of resources and knowledge throughout our lives. Libraries were the place where we had some of our earliest story times. It was host to our grade school research reports and became a second home during our collegiate years. Today, it has become a place of solace after our busy work weeks. Despite living in the digital age, I still see libraries as an important place for generations to come.


BONUS: Libraries are free. This one may not always ring true as some libraries are private and require special memberships. Still, libraries can be a free resource for those job searching, taking classes, borrowing the latest novel or reading rare books.


Share your reasons why you think everyone should celebrate “Library Lovers’ Month.” Take a selfie at the library and share on @Scholastic (twitter).

 ENJOY! (Shhh! Not too loud, please). 

Mike Barrett