Kid Reporter Update: The Westminster Dog Show, Lunar New Year Traditions, and How to Train Your Dragon

Royivia Ferguson  //  Feb 25, 2019

Kid Reporter Update: The Westminster Dog Show, Lunar New Year Traditions, and How to Train Your Dragon

February was a short, but busy month for the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps. Kid Reporters checked in from across the country and around the world to share the news stories that were most important to kids in their communities.

These young journalists covered Senator Amy Klobuchar’s snowy Minnesota rally where she announced her run for president, Lunar New Year traditions in Malaysia, the effects of the government shutdown on a Maryland community, and an annual radish carving competition in the Mexican city of Oaxaca.

Check out their stories below.

Night of the Radishes

Kid Reporter Emma Garcia visited a traditional Christmastime festival in the Mexican city of Oaxaca that celebrates art, friendship, and agricultural life.

Fishing for Plastic

Kid Reporter Andrew Raymundo takes a look at a company based in Florida that makes unique bracelets from plastic and other waste found in the ocean.

Celebrating Lunar New Year

Kid Reporter Zhang En Ng gave us a special look at one of her family’s favorite parts of Lunar New Year: the food.

After the Fires

In this moving firsthand account, Kid Reporter Jaxon Jones writes about losing his home in the Woolsey Fire and how his community came together to support his family.

The Legacy of Muhammad Ali

 Kid Reporter Leo Sebastian Tobbe spoke with Donald Lassaere, the president and CEO of the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky, about how the center encourages young people to carry on the boxing legend’s social justice mission.

Standing Up for Gun Victims

A new campaign by TOMS seeks to end the growing epidemic of gun violence in the United States. Kid Reporter Sidonie Gillette spoke with students at the event about why they support the campaign.

Klobuchar Declares Candidacy

Kid Reporter Ryan Stoltz covered Senator Amy Klobuchar’s snowy Minnesota rally, where she announced her presidential run.

A King is Crowned

Kid Reporter Marley Alburez went to the 143rd Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, where King, a Wire Fox Terrier, won Best in Show.

Government Shutdown Ends

Kid Reporter Grace Denny took a look at how the longest government shutdown in history affected the members of her community.

How to Train Your Dragon

Before the release of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Kid Reporter Annika Petras sat down with the stars of the animated film series.