This June, we're reading with pride!

Guest Blogger  //  Jun 1, 2017

This June, we're reading with pride!

This June, in recognition of Pride Month, we’re celebrating books with LGBTQ+ characters and encouraging everyone to #ReadwithPride!

All month long, we’ll be hosting special giveaways and sharing excerpts (including audio – #ListenwithPride) from our new and award-winning LGBTQ+ books. Also, keep an eye out for exclusive behind-the-scenes content from the people who helped create these amazing titles!

We’re kicking off #ReadwithPride today with candid quotes from Scholastic’s editorial team about these essential reads, and what makes them so special.

Here’s what they had to say:


George by Alex Gino is that rare thing: an instant classic. Its main character, Melissa, knows who she is, even if the world sometimes gets it wrong. The pride at its center rings true and rings loud, because the heart of pride is being able to be whoever you want to be, regardless of gender or the way the world sees you.” – David Levithan, editor of George

Drama by Raina Telgemeier represents the world as it is, with all sort of kids. Being gay or questioning in her book isn’t a big deal: it’s just a part of life. We all know that the world is made up of all kinds of people, so it’s essential that middle school kids see their real world reflected in books.” – David Saylor, VP, Creative Director, Trade Publishing & Editorial Director, Graphix

Drama features a group of middle-school students working toward a common goal—the successful run of their drama department's spring musical. Along the way there are ups and downs between friends and crushes, and the equal treatment of crushes—whether they’re between a girl and a boy or two boys—is part of what  makes Raina Telgemeier’s graphic novel so relatable.” – Cassandra Pelham, Senior Editor, Graphix & Scholastic Press

“When I was a kid, dreaming of what my future might be, there were absolutely no images of LGBTQ families to be found in books. When my husband and I had our son decades later, there were ALMOST no images that reflected his family. Now he is a middle schooler, and Emma Donoghue has written a book for him and all kids no matter what their identity and family structure, to laugh with, to empathize with, and to enjoy!” – Arthur A. Levine, VP & Publisher, Arthur A. Levine Press

“This Stonewall Honor-award winning novel is so hard-hitting because it deals with the endurance of family secrets across three generations. Katie, the youngest, is seventeen and in love with someone whose identity she’s afraid to reveal. Unbecoming is an exploration of the restrictions on women and their freedom to love, showing the inherent power that arises when you ‘dare to see yourself in your own future’” – Nancy Mercado, Editorial Director, Scholastic Press

Drag Teen by Jeffery Self packs a whole lot of fabulousness between two covers, and is the rare novel that showcases the exhilaration that can come from becoming someone else in order to realize who you are.  This book’s got sashay to spare, and wears it well.” – David Levithan, Editor of Drag Teen

Anything Could Happen by Will Walton plays like an anthem for queer teens who live far from the bright lights and big cities. It’s about how many of us fall into our true selves by falling in love with someone else – whether or not that person ends up being the love of our life.” – David Levithan, Editor of Anything Could Happen

Without Annette is about a young woman who has already come out as a lesbian and is completely comfortable with her sexuality, but is still navigating the murky waters of school and social pressures. It’s still pretty rare – and wonderful! – to meet an authentic, queer protagonist who has already taken this particular journey of self-discovery, and whose sexuality is just one aspect of who she is.” – Lisa A. Sandell, Executive Editor, Scholastic Press

“In The Porcupine of Truth a straight white boy learns how to be ally to a black gay girl – making many, MANY mistakes along the way. Have you ever wondered why your allies can’t just pop into your lives fully woke? Have you ever put your foot in your mouth trying a bit too hard to be the perfect ally? Either way, this book is for you.” – Weslie Turner, Assistant Editor, Arthur A. Levine Press

“Our penchant for labels and boxes can stifle the potential of any kid, no matter how they see themselves. But Ben feels it’s both more complicated and more simple than that; he loves who he loves.  He likes what he likes.  Here’s one of the very rare books that bravely explores the inner life of a boy who’s trying to reconcile the messy, passionate, still-figuring things out person he is, with the often vocal, sometimes angry voices of those who want him to neatly fit their expectations.” – Arthur A. Levine

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- Vaishali Nayak, Senior Marketing Coordinator