Introducing a new education site, providing solutions for teachers, administrators, and librarians

For 95 years, Scholastic has been committed to helping kids discover the joy and power of reading. But schools need help getting the right books into kids’ hands, the right instructional materials into classrooms, and professional learning tailored to the particular needs of educators. Scholastic Education is here to help!

As Scholastic Education moves toward being a core curriculum provider—meaning that districts and schools can come to us to fulfill all their literacy instructional needs—we have a brand-new website ( designed to reflect the evolution of the business.

Scholastic Education is all about solutions. We provide resources (from books and instructional materials to professional learning and services) in four main areas:

  • Literacy Instruction
  • Professional Learning
  • Learning Supports and Family & Community Engagement
  • Classroom Magazines

On you can also learn about our professional authors—such as Kylene Beers & Bob Probst, Pam Allyn, Jan Richardson, Karen Mapp, and more—whose research and expertise comprise the foundation of Scholastic Education’s work.

Plus, check out our education blog, edu, and follow @ScholasticEd on Twitter for regular updates!