I SURVIVED: Readers can pick the next book!

Guest Blogger  //  Feb 19, 2014

I SURVIVED: Readers can pick the next book!

Welcome Harmonie Rosenberg to OOM! She's guest blogging today with a pretty exciting announcement...
The sense of shared humanity that follows global disasters is only one reason why the I SURVIVED series by Lauren Tarshis is opening the door to important conversations – conversations with second, third, and fourth graders about the compelling stories that both captivate them and bring history to life with every book. Seeing history through firsthand accounts is energizing kids’ imaginations and broadening their understandings of the past.
From the destruction of Pompeii (book coming September 2014) to the Japanese Tsunami of 2011, I SURVIVED explores current affairs as well as the historical disasters that shape our present. Author Lauren Tarshis does extensive research for each book, but they don’t read like your average history lesson: book after book, the series has kids on the edge of their seats. It’s no wonder that I SURVIVED is approaching more than 7.8 million books in print and digital formats!
And now, there's huge news: kids can pick the topic of the next I SURVIVED book!

Scholastic and Lauren Tarshis are asking readers to choose the setting of our next survival story from three exciting choices:

  • The Winter at Valley Forge, 1777
  • The Great Chicago Fire, 1871
  • The Hindenburg Disaster, 1937

Send your kids, students, and favorite young readers to www.scholastic.com/isurvived to take the poll and weigh in on the next book! While they’re there, they can take the Survival Skills quiz, check out the disaster area, and read up on the whole series.
Click here to vote, and comment below to let us know which historical event you’re pulling for!