Highlights from Dav Pilkey's Dog Man Do Good Tour

Emily Morrow  //  Oct 3, 2019

Highlights from Dav Pilkey's Dog Man Do Good Tour

This fall, Dog Man creator Dav Pilkey is hitting the road on his global “Do Good Tour,” and we’re thrilled to share some highlights from the events! 

The “Do Good Tour” is bringing together kids, families, and educators to highlight the many ways books inspire, and how each individual can help others make a positive difference wherever they are. Hosted by bookstores and key community partners, all of the events have a “do good” component to support non-profit literacy organizations, local charities, military families, schools, and libraries in underserved areas.

Check out all of the tour stops here to find when Dav Pilkey is coming to a town near you.

The tour kicked off in Jackson, Mississippi, where Dav spoke with nearly 5,000 public school students!

He then served as the featured “kidnote” author at the Mississippi Book Festival — check out this fantastic crowd! 


He met tons of amazing people, including Justice Sonia Sotomayor!

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Mississippi Book Festival #mississippibookfestival #davpilkey #readingisawesome #dogmanbooks #captainunderpants #davpilkey

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BESST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you @petey_haw_haw

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Then it was off to St. Louis, where Dav spoke to a sold out crowd of more than 5,000 fans at Chaifetz Arena about positivity, practice, and persistence!

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Owen got to meet one of his role model "rock stars" today. The author Dav Pilkey is just plain amazing. He not only writes and illustrates super cool books but he tells an inspiring story. . . . Owen hung on every word he said tonight. Facing adversity at an early age with school he took to drawing and creating comic books. Owen can identify with him and has been loosing himself in his drawing lately. He now wants to be an illustrator and was was so excited to tell Dav that this afternoon. We didn't get to actually meet him until tonight however (waited for our turn for over 4 hours) he was so exhausted when we finally did that all he could do is say hi and shake his hand. Owen said he was about to faint afterwards he was so star struck! . . . Side note: Dav Pilkey is super human- he spent hours and hours standing to meet each and every kid who came today (over 4,000 people) plus he even paid for everyone's parking! #dogood #davpilkey #dogman #readthewholebooktonight #dogoodtour #authorsrock

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POSITIVITY PRACTICE PERSISTENCE was just one of the inspirational messages that Dav Pilkey, author of Captain Underpants shared with all of kids and adults who attended his event on Sunday. He was so authentic and spoke from his heart. He stayed and met EVERY child who wanted to meet him! He shared his struggles of having ADHD as a child and how he used the three “P’s” (shown above) to help him face and transcend his challenges. He said his Mom was his greatest supporter and when he faced with challenges, she would ask him, “How can you turn this into something GOOD?” This gave me goosebumps and I thought it was an amazing reminder to me on how one’s perspective can be transformational. Thank you, Mr. Pilkey- YOU are a gift. Be Well

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Dav Pilkey “Do Good Tour” was worth the wait! #DogMan #positivity #practice #persistence The other P should be #patience

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Next, it was off to Short Hills, NJ, for an event at Indigo Bookstore!

Next stop? Texas! Dav spoke to a sold out crowd of more than 3,000 fans!


Read about one librarian and mom's experience at the event here! She described the event as, “…inspiring and rewarding and comforting and meaningful…Because Dav Pilkey was willing to share his truth with these kids, a lot of kids got exactly what they needed to live their lives with a little more hope and belief in themselves. Dav Pilkey is now one of my favorite people, to be honest. I saw first hand what he meant to these kids and it was powerful and transformative.”

The bookstore created a "Do Good" wall where attendees were invited to share how they will do good!


Then it was off to Dav's home state of Ohio for the Cartoon Crossroads Convention! Bone creator Jeff Smith introduced Dav on stage

Check out all these excited kids!

The next stop was Minnesota for a sold-out event hosted by Red Balloon Bookshop

Watch this space (and follow us on Instagram and Twitter) for even MORE updates from the Do Good tour all this fall. And in the meantime, show us how much the young readers in your life love Dog Man by sharing your photos and videos to social media using #DavPilkey #DogMan #DoGood!