Getting comfortable in the world of words

Julia Graeper  //  Mar 23, 2018

Getting comfortable in the world of words

Here's what you need to bookmark for your evening reading from my favorite blog, Reader Leader. (Click on each title below to follow the link.)

Celebrating Books Across the Campus by Tamiko Brown

Tamiko Brown is School Library Journal's 2017 Librarian of the Year. Here  she shares collaborative ideas to get the community, the wider faculty, parents and administrators to support kids' reading. Tamiko has also written for EDU, our blog about education and learning. There she talks about using social media as a school librarian, and creating mobile makerspaces

Living in the Textual World by Ralph Fletcher

Professional book author Ralph Fletcher makes a brilliant parallel  between visiting house after house with a real estate agent and learning the predictable patterns of spaces, and how children can (with practice) get comfortable in the world of words

Want to read more Ralph Fletcher? Check out his piece all about helping children "light the spark" with their writing, also on EDU.

Family Literacy for All by Christina Diaz Gonzalez

Getting families engaged in children's learning can really make a positive difference in kids' academic achievement. Christina Diaz Gonzalez looks at how we can incorporate all families into engagement practices, with special focus on families whose members speak different languages or are bilingual. 

Diaz writes: "I was lucky. Language was not a barrier to having my parents involved with my love of books. It was an asset. I used this love of reading to develop my own stories. Speaking Spanish and English meant I could express myself in two languages and even get my grandparents (who only spoke Spanish) involved in my own imaginative story telling. This passion for stories led me to eventually follow my dream of writing my own books, but not every family has the opportunity to participate in shared reading."

Click over to Reader Leader to read more! 

Image via Eugene Kim