Get ready to read with Clifford!

Guest Blogger  //  Jan 21, 2014

Get ready to read with Clifford!

He’s BIG, he’s red—and yes, he’s oh so loveable! There are lots of reasons to love Clifford...but most compelling are his stories of adventure and friendship that have captured generations for 50+ years.

Did you know the first-ever Clifford book was released in 1963? (You can see it here--just click on 1963!) Fast forward to 2013 and now there are so many ways to read with Clifford—from traditional books to ebooks to apps and multimedia learning games. Technology has changed the way children read by exposing children to reading experiences in different mediums—all while laying a foundation for reading. Take educational apps or games like the new Ready-to-Read learning game for LeapPad tablets and Leapster game systems. Through interactive gameplay, preschoolers build essential reading skills like phonics, letter recognition, and vocabulary with familiar characters from actual books or TV shows.

Check it out:


The new Clifford Ready-to-Read Toolkit offers great resources for parents (including tips, articles, and guides to the different ways to read with Clifford) that really help you nurture your budding reader's love of Clifford to foster important skills. It also provides activities that you can play or do with your child online, such as interactive storybooks and early reading games, as well as offline, such as Clifford printables that offer practice in pre-reading skills. This one-stop reading resource cultivates the key skills kids ages 3-5 need to prepare for reading success—all with their beloved dog, Clifford!

Enjoy…and we look forward to seeing you on Clifford’s Official Facebook Page!

Guest post by the team from Scholastic Media