“Get #BookFit”: Mid-month motivation

Michael Barrett  //  Jan 15, 2014

“Get #BookFit”: Mid-month motivation

We are at the halfway point for Scholastic’s “Get Book Fit” Month. Like any good coach or personal trainer, we want to see how you are doing with this New Year’s resolution.

Have you hit any roadblocks with kids? Need inspiration?

Never fear because it seems we are building a community of #BookFit superstars. Over 11,000 followers are on Pinterest getting the latest on how to motivate kids to read every day.

Even Olympian Nick Goepper (Freeskiing/Slopestyle) shared how he gets #BookFit!

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Here is an idea I would like to share to get #BookFit that worked with my two-year-old nephew:

Make reading a “3D” experience – As I read to my nephew, I used props including a stuffed animal to help narrate the story. I asked him to help me make noises of animals and other sounds that occurred in the book. This multi-sensory experience helped my nephew follow the story and listen carefully during my “read aloud” time with him.

Remember, it’s never too late to pledge your family (or students) to be “mind fit” this year with Scholastic’s “Get Book Fit” campaign. Parents and teachers can join the campaign by “liking” Scholastic’s interactive “Get Book Fit” calendar at Facebook.com/scholastic and by following the latest on #BookFit on Twitter (@Scholastic).

Happy Reading!